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Cornwall with Pete

I can’t claim to have organised this trip, may be just disorganised it. Si King found us a cottage in Liskeard at £70 a night including breakfast. Dave thought £70 a head was a bit expensive but that was the price for the 5 of us. It was clean and tidy with room for some of us to snore without disturbing the others. Thanks Si.
Not wanting to join in the fight in the pub on Friday night we had a yummy al fresco fish and chip supper then found a quieter pub. All was going well until the upmarket karaoke started and all chance of conversation stopped. Over the road was a SPAR offie so we got our ID out and brought a few tins to take home.

Saturday’s ride was led by “she who must be obeyed by John”. What a ride! Hardly pausing between lanes we rode all day. Never much more than 10 miles from Liskeard we crossed over moors, drove through rivers, down rutted lanes, up stony climbs and of course the great slip rock roads of the area. You may have heard of the “Slick Rock Road” at Moab, Utah where the grip is so good and the rock so smooth you could almost go straight up. Well the Cornish equivalent is the “Slip rock road”. Great bumpy slabs of wet rock. I used the point and pray approach but my prayers often went unanswered. Si managed them all, riding the ‘stone wall of death’ feet up whilst the rest of us looked on and made excuses. Lunch, consisting of homemade pasties and cream teas, was eaten in the sunshine besides a beautiful river estuary. After lunch we rode through the estuary and on into the sunset to echoes of just one more lane. 100 plus miles, a few offs and one flat tyre. That night we drank the Hot Wok dry. Over the road was a SPAR offie so……

Sunday’s weather was a variety of low cloud and rain which at one point made it difficult to see where we were going and impossible to read the map. Our route took us up the Tamar valley and round Tavistock (I think). We detoured round a couple of river crossings that looked a little too fast and a little too deep to keep our feet dry but found some beautiful old lanes and bridges. It is a long time since I have done a day’s OS map reading. I’m only going to admit to 2 unintentional detours but we found our way into all the lanes. A tree and a stone gate post conspired to dislodge Dave from his saddle on the last lane. I think that Dave survived better than his bike. Back in Liskeard the SPAR was closed so we showered in the cottage before heading for home.

Anyone want to go to Cornwall?


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