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Christmas Club Ride

It was a frosty start at Frasers, and if I learn't one thing that day, it was that I need a new pair of gloves.... struth my paws were chilly that day.

The run started at about 9:30 with 8 of us, 6 regulars and 2 new recruits. The lane from the farm back to Sells Green was icy and all of were very cautious.

We then travelled around short stretches of local byway near Steeple Ashton, Keevil, Bulkington and Worton before making our way from Great Cheverill up to the Plain.

After dodging the cyclists on the Bikathon we got some altitude and the temperature felt even more raw. We did plenty of byways around the plain heading to Edington then back across to Gore Cross, a bit more track then down to Tilshead garage for lunch and fuel for the strokers. Then it was back up on the Plain.

I managed a few more miles, but for me the conditions were a bit too tricky and my lack of practice meant I left the group near the German Village and made my way home.

I'll find out more of what went on at Tuesdays meeting.

Thanks to Dave for leading the ride.

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