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Delhi Bike Challenge 2009

Two men, two bikes, and three great reasons to ride the bikes from Weston-Super-Mare in the south-west of England all the way to Delhi, India.

Reason 1 - Asha, a charity working to improve the lives of 350,000 people in the slums of Delhi


Reason 2 - Weston Hospicecare - a charity providing support and care to terminally ill people in and around  Weston

Reason 3 - we love motorbikes, and we love travelling!

We hope that you'll explore our site, have an occasional look at the pages where you can read our updates and  follow us, and, most importantly, sponsor our efforts in support of our charities. We're paying all our own expenses for the trip, so every pound, dollar, rupee or any other currency you would like to donate will go directly to these two excellent causes.

We've got a JustGiving page for each charity - we'd love it if you could support them both! You can visit the following two sites for more details





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