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Wiltshire Trail Riders Fellowship
"Conserving Green Roads for the enjoyment of everyone"
Wiltshire TRF are all members of the National TRF, the UK's largest organisation for Trail Riding.  
Trail Riding is the riding of road legal motorbikes that are suitable for use on the "unsealed" roads or "Byways Open to All Traffic" (BOATs) and "Unclassified County Roads" (UCRs) referred to as Green Lanes or Trails.
There are only 6,000 miles of BOATs in England and Wales compared to the 115,000 miles of footpaths, bridleways and restricted byways and 208,000 miles of road. The TRF exists to help preserve access to these historic BOATs, as well as helping new and existing members learn where they can and can’t ride (and why) through our network of experienced riders, promoting a confident and responsible code of conduct that ensures all countryside users are able to enjoy our diverse landscape well into the future.  
If you want to find out more about the National TRF please go to the website www.trf.org.uk where you can find details on the following: 
Imber Rideout Dec 11

 Bonham Horse Event Aug 13

 WTRF clearing trees from byways - Nov 13

 April 2012 Run

 A Rocky Climb
Wiltshire TRF are a friendly enthusiastic group that have a vast knowledge and experience of responsible riding on the trails within Wiltshire and the surrounding counties. We use all manner of motorcycles, kit and riding gear and would like nothing better than to provide advice and share our knowledge with you. We always ride with consideration to other countryside users and follow the TRF Code of Conduct www.trf.org.uk/portfolio-item/what-about-other-countryside-users/
TRF Meetings
We meet every month where we discuss recent ride outs, future ride outs, rights of way as well as planning the support we provide to horse and mountain biking events. If your a new TRF member or are just considering joining, please come along to one of our meetings where you'll be given a warm welcome and get to know more about what the TRF does and what it could offer you. We normally have a rideout on the first weekend after the monthly meeting to give potential new TRF members the opportunity and experience to get out on the trails with experienced riders who can provide advice on where you can ride, the kit you need and the types of bikes to suit the style of trail riding your interested in.
Next Meeting
Our next TRF meeting is on:
8pm Tuesday 2nd January 2018 at "The Fox and Hounds",
  Nursteed Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3HJ http://www.thefoxandhoundsdevizes.co.uk/.
Meetings start at 8pm in the function room/skittle alley, get there early for a drink and a chat beforehand.
Social Meetings
We also have a monthly social get together. The social is held each month in a nominated location around the county(s), and on a different day to the formal TRF meeting, to give members and non members the opportunity for a drink and a chat if they are unable to make the formal TRF meeting in Devizes.
The next social is to be confirmed.
We have an "open" Facebook page at the link below.
We also have a closed Facebook page for TRF members at the link below:
This is used for organising rideouts and general motorbike chat. If you want to join, you must be a current and paid-up TRF Wiltshire member, please send an email to Wilts TRF Membership Secretary andrew.byatt.trf@gmail.com quoting your full name and your national TRF membership number (Town, email address and telephone number are helpful if there are any queries).
You will be added to the Group as soon as possible once your membership has been verified with the National TRF Membership list.

As a TRF member you can request membership of up to 3 regions. Please do this via the national membership secretary memsec@trf.org.uk.


last updated 04 January 2018

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Wed   28-Dec-2016  -  Burbidges Bakery "Great Christmas Escape" - Charity Run- Andover to Imber Village (Club Runs)
  Latest Reports...
Fri   9-Oct-2009  -  Delhi Bike Challenge 2009 (Adventures)
Mon   2-Nov-2009  -  Richards Assignment in Mozambique (Adventures)
Sat   17-Oct-2009  -  Cornwall with Pete (Club Ride)
Sun   25-Jan-2009  -  The Somerset crew Rideout (Club Ride)
Fri   18-Jul-2008  -  Budget Biking to Mongolia (Adventures)
Sun   28-Dec-2008  -  Christmas Club Ride (Club Ride)

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