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Gig Dates

Date Venue
Fri 10-Sep-2004 Parson’s Nose, Melksham (SN12 6LA, 01225 702947)
It wasn’t a very promising evening as the rain had lashed down all day. However, we had a great evening with old friends and new. "I’ve seen you loads of times, but tonight was the best gi   
Sat 4-Sep-2004 The Great Dorset Steam Fair, Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Another great day. The band weren’t terribly happy with the early sets, although they were well received. By the evening it was time to really show what we could do. The evening crowd was up for   
Wed 7-Jul-2004 The Griffin, Frome (BA11 3DB, 01373 467766)
Dreadful weather couldn’t stop us having a really great night. The pub was full of appreciative fans who seemed to really enjoy themselves. The mammoth "Living in the past" fade out is now assum   
Fri 14-May-2004 Wheaton Aston Festival, Wheaton Aston, Staffs.
We love this festival. We had a terrible drive up to the gig, but we really settled into the set quickly. Our audience were up and dancing from song 1. We didn’t let them sit down for another ho   
Sat 20-Mar-2004 The Queen’s Head, Box, Wiltshire
Arise Sir Russ! Our first outing with the new line up was voted a resounding success by all who saw us. Russ adds style, stage presence and invention to the Mighty Rooster mix and all seems set fair f   
Thu 11-Dec-2003 The Riverside, Bradford on Avon (BA15 1DE, 01225 863526)
Quite a night for the Mighty Roosters. Excellent lighting, lots of cameras and a room full of our closest friends. We had a great time and it should turn into a very good DVD which we will be trying t   
Thu 25-Sep-2003 The Riverside, Bradford on Avon (BA15 1DE, 01225 863526)
Tonight’s gig was quiet and tranquil - that is to say, there weren’t many punters... Well, after the Steam fayre, I guess we needed to be brought back to earth with a loud slap! You can&   
Sat 30-Aug-2003 Dorset Steam Rally, Blandford
Wow and wow again... This was phenominal. We played 3 sets, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm in a giant beer tent marquee, and I mean giant! First set was fairly quiet, with maybe a couple of hundred punters watch   
Mon 25-Aug-2003 Box Rocks, Box, Wiltshire
Our regular yearly event of course. We played a smidgen earlier than normal, but with extra stage space we got the opportunity to spread out and move around a bit - so we gave all we had and warmed t   
Thu 14-Aug-2003 The Parson’s Nose, Melksham
Hmmm. Should we have done this one as a 4 piece? Best ask our drummer... We all had a thouroughly good chuckle over this gig!
Thu 17-Jul-2003 The Riverside, Bradford on Avon
Our second gig here - they liked us so much last month we got another! What can I say... We certainly had a lively crowd this time, with a whole cricket team present. We played and sung, people dan   
Sun 13-Jul-2003 Chalgrove Live Music Festival, Oxfordshire
Chalgrove is a beautiful, quiet hamlet nestling in the Oxfordshire countryside - and we soon livened it up. Not quite sure whether the punters were entirely ready to be livened up, but we put on a go   
Tue 8-Jul-2003 The Griffin, Frome
What a nice venue - compact and bijou - and they even brew their own beer! As part of the festival, we got a great crowd in here, and Steve of course got them all dancing. Our first appearance as pa   
Thu 19-Jun-2003 The Riverside, Bradford on Avon
This was a new venue for us, but we returned to Blandford in style. A large venue, with superb equipment, and even a resident sound man, Peter. Another great gig, and definitely the best place so fa   
Sat 14-Jun-2003 Cheese and Grain, Frome
We’ve played a few gigs now at the Cheese and Grain, and each time we get a little bit more promotion. Some people even came along early to see us this time! We had a great gig, and we recorde   
Sun 18-May-2003 Wheaton Aston Festival, Staffordshire
What a nice weekend! Lots of good music and a fantastic atmosphere. Thanks to Hilary and Julian for their hospitality and for organising a great little festival. We will be back.
Wed 30-Apr-2003 The Cheese and Grain, Frome
Really enjoyed that one. The Fureys were a thoroughly nice bunch of blokes and gave us a really nice vote of thanks. Great sound on stage (thanks Russ) meant that we felt really comfortable. Sold many   
Fri 28-Mar-2003 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
Ahh..it felt good to be back. With Mike behind the keys, we were able to revert to our usual sound and everyone seemed to have a good night... except Pete. Technical difficulties with his guitar... or   
Thu 12-Dec-2002 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
Our last gig pre-Christmas, and John’s last gig with us for now. John has been a real bonus for the band over the last few months, allowing us to fulfil bookings and adding to the sound of the b   
Fri 29-Nov-2002 Christmas Extravaganza
What a great evening.Loads of people really enjoying the music. The organiser hired a sound crew who did their best to screw up the performance, but nothing could prevent a really enjoyable night. Ste   
Thu 24-Oct-2002 The Green Park Tavern, Bath
An interesting one. With John not able to make it, we went out as a four piece for the first time in 3 and a half years. Radical set re-thinks were necessary, with a few old favourites being dragged s   
Thu 10-Oct-2002 Parsons Nose, Melksham
That was fun! Nice to see so many familiar faces and old friends. You lot really do us good ("Far too puke rendingly grovelling" - Ed.) Nice, also, to see a few new converts this evening. Hope you can   
Sun 22-Sep-2002 The Kings Arms, Bath
Well that’s a bit more like it! The new line up played a really blinding set in the resounding wooden surroundings of the King’s. John added some typically tasteful flourishes and the audi   
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