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Mon 9-Aug-2004
At last Mike’s hard work gets some of the recognition that it deserves. Here is a review from the current edition of "Feedback" magazine.
I was sent this DVD by keyboard/fiddle player Mike Varty. Mike is more well-known within prog circles for his time with Shadowland, Credo (new album due soon, honest) and his own outfit Janison Edge. I had heard that he was performing with another band in a totally different field but hadn’t realised that he has been in The Mighty Rooster since 1999. When I got the DVD I couldn’t really believe that this was a small scale release from a band as I see many full-blown productions that do not contain so much content or have the graphics and flow of this one. The band have to be congratulated. The main part of this DVD is a live performance taken from the Black Cat Stage at Bradford On Avon at the end of last year, and they were certainly on song. This is roots folk, with an edge that moves them away from much of the roots crowd.

The mix between different camera angles works well, so that immediately the viewer is concentrating on the important matter at hand, the music. It is because the songs are so powerful that this DVD works so well. The band that they remind me most of is The Rattlers, but there are also sections where the mid-eighties Fairport can also be detected. Mike switches between violin and keyboards as well as providing backing vocals, while Steve Heath has a wonderful voice and a great stage presence while also adding acoustic guitar etc. Add to that Pete Baker (lead guitar – who since this recording has been replaced by Russell Crook), Simon Clarke (bass) and Dean Creighton (drums) and this is a band that is really worth seeing.

Apparently there is soon to be an accompanying live CD with some extra material, and that will be well worth hearing. As well as the gig the DVD includes out-takes, a history of the band etc and is a perfect introduction to an act that I want very much to hear and see more of."
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