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Steam Fayre is Rooster’s biggest gig yet - 1000s of happy dancing people
Thu 11-Sep-2003
Saturday 30th September, and the Great Dorset Steam Fayre near Blandford Forum was the host to Rooster’s biggest and finest gig to date. Rooster played 3 sets, with their last set at 9pm attracting over 2000 spectators and packing the Folk Marquee to near bursting. As if the previous two superb sets at 1pm and 5pm were simply warm-ups, Rooster really pulled out the stops for their finale, raising themselves to a new level to get the whole tent dancing, cheering and jumping.

During the 3 sets, quite a few older numbers came back out of retirement, and it was nice for these to get a bit of an airing. The best, of course, was saved until last, and Wings Of A Gull was one of the best, closely followed Sidelined and The Two Fingered Jig.

For Rooster this was a brilliant opportunity to perform to a capacity crowd, and for the punters they saw Rooster at their very very best. The organisers say that Rooster will be back!
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