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Yet more Rooster coverage
Sat 7-Dec-2002
The Mighty Rooster are now being talked about all over the country, in small and rather select circles! The radio broadcast on BCB went out on Monday 2nd December. When we receive our copy of the broadcast, we’ll post it on the site.
The Classic Rock Society reviewed "the Red Room" in their December 2002 edition. They said:
This for me is the surprise release of the month. I’ve never come across the band before, although this is their third release. They really are an eclectic bunch as their music draws on rock, folk, progressive and even dnce. The result is very powerful, with some wonderful touches throughout. Mike Varty is the name I recognise in the band, as he has worked with Shadowland, Credo and Janison Edge. Beside his notable keyboard skills, which are excellent throughout, Varty adds some really tasteful fiddle work which gives the music an extra dimension. Pete Baker is an understated guitarist with a superb touch, and is the main writer along with bassisit Simon Clarke. (Really!? - Ed.) Clarke’s bass style is very fluid, and flows through the music. Dean Creighton, the drummer, underpins the music with a very driving approach, and along with Clarke keeps the rhythm section tight and controlled. Singer Steve Heath has a big sounding voice, full of power and clarity, adds some musical colour of his own with acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, and flageolet (aren’t they beans?!). Given the musical styles on display you might think that the band could sound disjointed and overly diverse. In truth though the writing is stronger than that, and the various styles are married together really well. The music does remain varied though, with rockers like "Sail Away" rubbing shoulders with folkies like "The Two Fingered Jig". A very impressive release - we should be hearing more about this band!"
Bernard Law

Thanks Bernard!
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