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Parsons Nose, Melksham - Thu 10-Oct-2002
That was fun! Nice to see so many familiar faces and old friends. You lot really do us good ("Far too puke rendingly grovelling" - Ed.) Nice, also, to see a few new converts this evening. Hope you can make it back to our next Nose gig in Decemeber. Some priceless Rooster moments - the fantastic drum fill that didn’t happen in White Room, the complete forgetting of two verses of Hide it Away- didn’t detract from a good gig. John gave us some fabulous fills. We don’t know when they’re about to happen either, so sudden grins keep appearing on our faces, which makes us look somewhat deranged. Sorry my voice was a bit shot, but I just about made it to the end. However, we really couldn’t manage another encore - even though you asked so politely! The Wee Wee man was fun, if only to see the look of shock on everyone’s face. One day we might do that other little mando number, just to please Neil. Or maybe we won’t - you’ll just have to keep turning up to find out! We really would love to see as many people at the Green Park Tavern as possible. They need the support if it is to become a real music pub instead of the karaoke ghetto that it once was.
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