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Gig Dates

Date Venue
Sat 7-Apr-2007 The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
According to my LBB, the last time i updated was just before the BOB Fest weekend.
Bit of a rollercoaster, the Stones Cross gig was disappointing due to the acoustics of the new room, the smoking   
Fri 4-Aug-2006 Riverside, Bradford-On-Avon
Maybe it was my fault for not putting it on here.
I know its an effort to scroll down to the gigs at
the bottom sometimes.
But Bradford-On-Avon wasn’t the best attended gig for u   
Sat 7-May-2005 Civic Hall, Trowbridge
So then, supporting Hugh Cornwell in Trowbridge.

I didn’t know what to expect here, it was a Badger thing and to be fair they can go either way cant they dude?

The Civic Ha   
Sat 30-Apr-2005 Finn McCools, Weymouth
So Finns. Weymouth. Saturday.
Nice pub. If i lived in Weymouth, id probably drink in Finns. Having said that, its the only pub ive ever been in in Weymouth, maybe if i had something to compare it   
Sat 16-Apr-2005 The Hobbits, Weston-Super-Mare
The last time we played The Hobbits in Weston was with a tight sphincter, as we were supporting The Meteors.
An un-enviable task at the best of times.
This time was equally nerve-racking, as   
Sat 9-Apr-2005 The Labour Club, Yeovil
Did i say the Labour Club? Coz i meant Liberal Club.
Anyways, must confess my expectations weren’t high on this one.
Turned out to be a good laugh as it happens.
The place had a s   
Fri 28-Jan-2005 The Watersports Centre, Falmouth
Falmouth and Newquay was exactly the kind of ride we expected.
And then some.

The trip down to Falmouth was as boring, slow and tiring as we dreaded. You find yourself thinking of a to   
Sun 19-Dec-2004 Reckless Engineer, Bristol
A few hours down time and we were back on the road to Bristol.
Convinced the idea of playing again was COMPLETE insanity.
We drove past the Reckless and saw it was pretty thin on the ground    
Sat 18-Dec-2004 ULU, London


See? Got all the lingo.

So Far-Cue finally get to play London.
Bout frickin time i reckon.

Believe it    
Sun 28-Nov-2004 Cheese and Grain, Frome
Playin on Sundays.....is there no rest anymore?

At times we thought the gig wasn’t even gonna happen.
We got there about 6 ish, and there was no sign of Bad Manners.
Sat 20-Nov-2004 Woodman, Bridport
On Saturday we had to go to Bridport to play Pete’s Birthday Party.
Regular visitors to this site will know we had to stop playing the Hope and Anchor in Bridport because a certain neighbou   
Fri 19-Nov-2004 Cheese and Grain, Frome
So yes the gig at the Grain did help to erase the bad memories of last time.
We did half an hour at the start, pretty sober, and, even though a seperate desk and engineer would have been cool for   
Sat 13-Nov-2004 The Granary, Frome
The last time Far-Cue played a gig in Frome, it was a disaster.

Full of ego, self-importance and alcohol, we decided to choose the biggest venue in town, the biggest for quite a few miles,    
Sat 2-Oct-2004 The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth
The gig at the Gander was the last before the place gets a refurb apparently.
Personally i don’t think it needs it.
Well, the bogs could do with a good un-blocking, aside from
Fri 1-Oct-2004 Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
The return to the Stones was weird.
Took most of the set to feel settled in.

Was good though, with the usual insanity from the punters.
Got really rough at one point, speaker cabs   
Tue 24-Aug-2004 The Barracuda Bars, Newquay
Newquay wasn’t so much a gig as an endurance test.
Because record labels SUCK COCK, we all still work for
a living.
Therefore we have to plead to bosses for time off to go
Sun 22-Aug-2004 Lord Nelson, Poole
Well...........where to begin.

It all started at the last rehearsal i recall.
Naturally, talk turned to the up coming gigs, and myself
and Guy were shocked to discover that the g   
Sat 21-Aug-2004 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
’Tis a sad day when Far-Cue take to the stage more sober
than pissed.
Bizarrely enough, this happened at The Nose last night.
Don’t worry, we’re not adopting a more p   
Fri 13-Aug-2004 The Parsons Nose, Melksham

I write this having just got back from Melksham.
I’m still sweaty.......nice.

But that’s how fuckin hot it was in the Nose.

I was sweatin like a paeodphile   
Sat 10-Jul-2004 Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton
We hadn’t played together since Glasters. Not a rehearsal, not anything.
Christ didn’t it ever show.
When we got to the Wunderbar, it was already heaving.
Mardi Gras in Mids   
Sun 27-Jun-2004 Avalon Main Stage, Glastonbury Festival
We arrived at the site on Thursday, on a nice sunny evening.
No traffic probs, just straight in and up with the tents, then on to the business of drinkin, and watching the mighty Pronghorn in the   
Fri 25-Jun-2004 Little Massive Stage, Glastonbury Festival
We arrived at the site on Thursday, on a nice sunny evening.
No traffic probs, just straight in and up with the tents, then on to the business of drinkin, and watching the mighty Pronghorn in the   
Sat 22-May-2004 The Reckless Engineer, Bristol
We were all dreadin the idea of gangs of rival football supporters coming through the doorsof the Reckless Engineer in Bristol.
Millwall fans in particular being renowned for trouble, and sure en   
Fri 21-May-2004 Flicks, Yeovil
Now thats that out of my system.
We were late turning up for the gig in Flicks, so everything normal up to now.
We were so late the first band wer   
Sun 16-May-2004 The Three Firms, Midsomer Norton
Lastly, Von and Phil’s leaving do at the Three Firms in Norton on Sunday night.
Supported by Whats The Point, who were great, brave choice of covers chaps.
You gotta applaud anyone who   
Sat 15-May-2004 The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth

On to Saturday’s gig in Bournemouth.
The Battle Bus was in hospital, so we had the loan of the mechanic’s van.
Everything loaded in, we headed down.
Now, Far-Cue aren   
Fri 14-May-2004 The George, Poole
Firstly, The George at Poole.
The staff and landlord at the George are all about as cheery as a funeral march. I don’t think they could give a rat’s rear if you were there or not.
Tue 20-Apr-2004 The Bierkeller, Bristol
Okay, so i write this half really pissed off, and half sad
for the way bands get fucked these days.

I’ve just returned from our gig at Bristol Bierkeller with
The Setbacks   
Sat 17-Apr-2004 Football Club, Gillingham
Strange place, Gillingham.
The gig on Saturday was a boithday bash at Gilly Footer Club.
Our good friends FDS played too.
The gig was a weird one, we started off with sound problems.
Sat 3-Apr-2004 The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton
To the Wunderbar......
At the Flicks gig we invited Sharia Law to play with us, they happily accepted.
We don’t usually get a good crowd down there, and we had only recently played th   
Fri 2-Apr-2004 Flicks, Yeovil
Flicks in Yeovil is a bar, frequented by kids who all dress alike but all claim to be different.
Sorry, i gotta learn to be nicer on this site, but it’s just so hard when things happen like   
Sat 27-Mar-2004 The Hunters Lodge, Nr. Wincanton
Didnt play it, Badgers throat was too ragged as it was and we had vocal takes to do the next day.
Sorry to any who came just to see us.
Fri 26-Mar-2004 The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth
What with all the crap about getting this new album finished and available to you lovely, lovely people, i’d forgotten to mention a few things.

Namely, the Bournemouth gig was a good    
Fri 19-Mar-2004 The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
It’s hard to grasp the concept of ’ the last time ’ until a few days after the event in my opinion.
I remember the gig in Newquay after we’d had the infamous ruckus, and i   
Sat 13-Mar-2004 The Reckless Engineer, Bristol
First gig at the Reckless Engineer in Bristol, and first gig for Blazing Guitar promotions.
It was also our first gig with Hacksaw for a while, and mighty damn good it was to see them again too.<   
Sun 7-Mar-2004 The Kings Arms, Bath
Little did we know it, but we were Guinea Pigs at Sunday’s gig.
The Kings Arms in Bath hadn’t done live music on a Sunday for quite a while apparently, but they decided to kick things   
Sat 28-Feb-2004 The Hope and Anchor, Bridport
The best anaolgy i could come up with for Saturday’s gig in
Bridport, was like you were in the middle of a really good shag.
One you’ve been looking forward to all week.
Fri 20-Feb-2004 The Bierkeller, Bristol
The Bierkeller coulda done with a hundred more people
in there really, but the lack of bodies did nothing to dampen anyone’s spirits.
The gig clashed with The Dangerfields at The Junc   
Sat 7-Feb-2004 The Vic Bars, Newquay
In the morning, we went for some breakfast at the Zanzi Bar, usually a cool place for a full cardiac, except this time the woman standing in for the chef served us up some vegematerian sausages.....ho   
Fri 6-Feb-2004 The Townhouse, Torquay
The Torquay-Newquay jaunt could not have been any more different to the last one if it tried.
The last time we came home under a black cloud, nearly 3 hours travelling home, and barely a single s   
Fri 23-Jan-2004 The Geroge, Poole
So it was the second attempt to play Poole.
The first one, at the Tatnum, resulted in an audience of two.
In a pub built for two hundred.
While none of us felt up to the gig, we all tho   
Fri 16-Jan-2004 The Townhouse, Torquay
The Torquay gig went very well indeedy. 5 bands in just over 3
hours is pretty good going by anyone’s standards.

Up The Rebels kicked it all off, the most un-enviable
Fri 19-Dec-2003 The Parson’s Nose, Melksham
And so the Far-Cue wagon rolled into Melksham, for a gig
at The Nose. We’d bugged Rich, the landlord, for a Xmas gig
and thankfully he came through for us.

The best thing    
Sat 13-Dec-2003 Vic Bars, Newquay
Hello boys and girls, hope you all had a good one at the weekend.
We had our share of fun and games too.
Newquay was great, as per usual. We’re actually facing the sad news
Sat 29-Nov-2003 Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
Really sorry for the lack of updates, had my head planted firmly
up my ass for the last day or so.....

Okay, there’s more gigs now in the merry month of December,
Sat 22-Nov-2003 Hope & Anchor, Bridport
S’funny, ever since we wrote Karaoke, and had the t-shirts printed with the old ’ Get that Fucker... ’ slogan on the back, we’ve had more people than ever grab the mic and try    
Sat 15-Nov-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
The gig at the Kings went really well, ta to everyone who turned up......we’ve never seen the place that busy, when it’s just us, the turn out can be pretty poor.

And raise your   
Sat 20-Sep-2003 The Hobbits, Weston-Super-Mare
Weston-Super-Mare, and The Hobbits night club.
Our last gig in Weston was a disasterous affair, mainly thanks
to a landlady who negelcted to tell ANYONE that she had a band on
that ni   
Fri 19-Sep-2003 The Tatnum, Poole
The Tatnam in Poole. When we rolled up there, we were
impressed at the size of the place, and thought that
it must get pretty damn good in there on a Friday night.
So we parked up an   
Sat 13-Sep-2003 Warminster Skate Park
So on Friday, i did a gig with Frenzy at the Ace Cafe in
London.....i had to miss Rancid in Bristol for that.
But like me Murphys, i’m not bitter.
But on Saturday, we played the   
Thu 11-Sep-2003 The Bierkeller, Bristol
Okay, now i have a minute to breathe, i can update
this here web site with all that’s gone down over the
last few days.
First off, the gig was Sham 69 was a blast.
For some   
Sat 6-Sep-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
The King’s Arm’s in Yeovil is a pub that can’t seem to
settle on a landlord/lady. Since we’ve been playing there
we’ve seen a fair few come and go, and with t   
Sat 30-Aug-2003 The Red Lion, Gillingham
Saturday night at Gillingham was our first gig for a
good few weeks. We haven’t rehearsed either. In fact,
we’ve been really lazy for some reason, hopefully it’ll
Sat 12-Jul-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
To be honest, Spike was less than keen to play this gig.
Tis true, sometimes its a little......quiet.
So i understood and sympathised, but we were filling in for FDS, and a gigs a gig.
Sat 12-Jul-2003 The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
The Mardi Gras....the people of Midsomer Norton drink Black Rat and listen to bands all day. Sounds good huh?
When i got there, there was a healthy gathering of people, and a band calle Spitroast   
Tue 8-Jul-2003 Cheese and Grain, Frome
Ok, maybe the first report i did for this gig was a bit harsh.
Basically, it was a skate/bmx competition with music afterwards, a great idea, just a bit sad it wasn’t on a weekend night.
Fri 27-Jun-2003 The Avalon Stage, Glastonbury Festival
We rolled onto site late Thursday afternoon, got pissed and woke up Friday
morning to the sound of heavy rain beating on the tents.
Must be GlaStonbury....
This was our fourth time, bu   
Fri 13-Jun-2003 Vic Bars, Newquay
Never let it be said that Friday the 13th is bullshit...we played one gig on a Friday the 13th and the pa blew up, on this one, the van broke down FOR NO REASON!!!!

No reason at all.......h   
Sat 7-Jun-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
Weird one, this one.....got to about half nine, ready to play, theres about 15/20 people in the place, do the first song, look up and there’s a pub full.

And some weird geezer called    
Sat 24-May-2003 The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton
First off, Paydirt cancelled.....a bereavement in the family or summit...did i spell bereavement right?
Anyways, there was that, and something else they said, so it would be just us.
Sun 4-May-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
It’s weird how really small gigs can sometimes be way better than really big gigs.

The Kings doesnt usually open on Sundays, and we knew there was gonna be a lack of people there, and   
Fri 2-May-2003 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
How many frickin times do we have to play a place, before they realise it’s Far-Cue, not Far-Que for chrissakes.
If we had a penny for every time they cocked it up, we wouldnt need to get p   
Fri 25-Apr-2003 The Gander, Bournemouth
The Gander is a crackin venue, with it’s own PA and lights, how many pubs do you know that cater for the bands in this manner? Not bloody many......

We’d just like to express th   
Sat 19-Apr-2003 Stones Cross
We didn’t know it, but down the road at The Wunderbar, Paydirt and Baysix were playing the same time as us.
So it was old school versus new school, and those with any sense were at the Ston   
Sun 6-Apr-2003 The Brewhouse, Stokes Croft, Bristol
The journey from Newquay to Bristol was a bitch....long fucking way, especially when you’ve got two other people for company that you’ve had in your face for the last 40 hours....good job    
Sat 5-Apr-2003 Vic Bars, Newquay
It’s a ritual at the Hope to start the day with a hearty breakfast, and Saturday was no exception....but Badger must learn not to lean back on patio chairs, as the backs are only made of plastic   
Fri 4-Apr-2003 Hope & Anchor, Bridport
In typical Far-Cue fashion, the first date of the three got off to a crappy start. A puncture just after we set off. Plus we set off late because Steve ran out of petrol on the way home from work ( si   
Fri 28-Mar-2003 Cheese & Grain, Frome
It was great thank you very much.....Far-Cue would like to say Ta to everyone who came along, and to all the bands who went out of their way to play, Ta Very Much.
Hopefully see you on the next o   
Sat 1-Mar-2003 The Kings Arms, Yeovil
So what is it with the people of Yeovil?

We hadn’t played the Kings Arms in many a moon, mainly because it got smashed to pieces not long ago, and has just got itself back together ag   
Sat 8-Feb-2003 Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
And so back to the Stones. Once again, it was pretty damn dead when we walked in, but the usual suspects were there, in the shape of Charlie and Chez, and Jared and Stan, who was accompanied by his si   
Fri 7-Feb-2003 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
This one was short notice. So it came as no surprise to find only about 10 people in the bar when we walked in at half eight.

Thankfully there was a friendly face there....Dickie, you da ma   
Sat 25-Jan-2003 Vic Bars, Newquay
Newquay...it’s a good 3 hour trip. And that can get boring. So by the time we got close to the place, we were in no mood for levity. So whilst powering down the road at 90 mils an hour, what we    
Sat 11-Jan-2003 Hope & Anchor, Bridport
Ahh the first gig of the year, and about time too...plus we had a few new songs to hit the good people of Bridport with and see if they went down okay.

Upon arrival, the first job was to ch   
Tue 31-Dec-2002 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
There’s only one certainty in life: nothing is certain. We had all the ingredients for a cracking night, but something just didn’t click.

Sure we had PA trouble, the poor thing    
Thu 26-Dec-2002 Legends Night Club, Gillingham
Gawd bless FDS....i’m sure that in your home town, wherever you are, there’s a club where all the trendy, shirt, slacks and Brut wearing idiots go to chat up girls half their age, who are    
Fri 20-Dec-2002 Cheese & Grain, Frome
My name is Steve and i’m an alcoholic......or to put it another way, i can’t remember a single damn thing about the gig, so you tell me, how was it?
Sat 14-Dec-2002 Duke Of York, Bristol
None of us felt like doing this one....the after effects of too much alcohol and not enough sleep were getting to us all.....except for Spike, who just wanted to stay home and play with his new X-Box.   
Fri 13-Dec-2002 Cheese & Grain, Frome
At last, we get to play the mighty Cheese and Grain!!!! But let me assure you it wasn’t down to the people who actually run the place, we were asked to do it by The Selecter.

Now then   
Sat 30-Nov-2002 Armoury Hall, Gloucester

There was a line in a film, and it was later sampled by Ministry on their ’ Pslam 69 ’ album, that went ’ Never trust a junkie...’ Well,    
Sat 23-Nov-2002 WI Hall, Bridport
In truth, the band were....apprehensive about playing this gig....we knew we could pack em in at the Hope and Anchor, but asking people to go somewhere they usually wouldn’t, then charge those s   
Sat 9-Nov-2002 The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
The first gig for two weeks, and lets just say the band were not in the best of moods. Badger had gone out the night before and got completely......well, Badgered.
Badgered is a phrase used by th   
Sat 19-Oct-2002 The Vic Bars, Newquay
Its a 4 hour trip to Newquay, so you kinda really wanna make sure the gigs are good ones.
With a new fan belt fitted, the van did us proud getting us down there, and the people of Newquay did us    
Fri 18-Oct-2002 The White Horse, St.Pauls, Bristol
If you’ve read the Gig Report for the gig at East Chinnock, you’d realise we had some van trouble coming home, and what with work for all of us the next day, we only had the opportunity to   
Thu 17-Oct-2002 The Portman Arms , East Chinnock
Never a very rowdy affair, The Portman Arms is a nice mellow gig.And sometimes, that’s a lot more fun.
Originally the gig was arranged to help Barbara and Gary celebrate two years of being    
Fri 11-Oct-2002 The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton
Far-Cue have a history of not doing very well at The Wunderbar....it is a student kinda place after all, and if there’s one thing Badger hates more than American Punk, it’s ’ Bloody    
Fri 4-Oct-2002 The Parsons Nose, Melksham
Ah, The Chicken’s Arse.....always good for a laugh, it was a sad day when we fell out with the last landlord and effectively barred ourselves from playing there ever again.
But now, with Ri   
Sat 28-Sep-2002 Hope & Anchor, Bridport

We always look forward to the gigs in Bridport, and Saturday was no exception.
However, as a member of Far-Cue you must be prepared to stomach nutters at your gigs   
Fri 27-Sep-2002 The Huntsman, Bath
Friday night at The Huntsman in Bath....a tough gig to play, becuse the pub has a noise meter behind the bar, and if you go over a certain volume, the power to the band gets shut off.....needless to s   
Thu 19-Sep-2002 The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton
So.....the Battle Of The Bands at Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton.
5 Bands had to play, and only 3 could go through to the final, being held on Friday 20th September....bands were judged on Present   
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