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Sun 29-Nov-2009 The Xmas EP Available
  You can now download the Xmas EP in a .rar digital format.
Tue 20-Sep-2005 Album Title Revealed ! !
  Far-Cue’s new album finally has a title, and that title is ’ Another Day At The Office ’.
The man who was behind the title is one Guy Tayler, of Far-Cue fame.
Congrats to G   
Sun 24-Apr-2005 The ’ Cue ’ to support ’ The League ’
  Far-Cue have been asked to support the Anti-Nowhere League in Bristol on June 5th. We’ve been asked to support them before but last time we were having too much fun at Reading Festival.
Wed 12-Jan-2005 Date change for Hilperton gig
  The date for the gig at the Kings Arms, Hilperton has been changed to the week after, the 25th of Feb.
Wed 24-Nov-2004 Far-Cue blag Bad Manners Support Slot
  Far-Cue will be supporting Bad Manners on Sunday 28th November at the Cheese and Grain, Frome.
Mon 15-Nov-2004 ULU Gig Details.......
Wed 30-Jun-2004 UK Subs date changed
  Theres been a mix up with the UK Subs gig down Weston Super Mare. We’re still supporting them, but it will be on August the 7th now. See yous there....
Tue 18-May-2004 Late Booking at the Reckless Engineer
  Check out the Gig Guide, as a date has just been added in Bristol.
Sun 18-Apr-2004 Cheesy Grain Line-Up Confirmed
  The line up for our Cheese and Grain gig in Frome on May 7th is as follows :

Nobodys Heroes
Sharia Law

All are great, all worth yer money. Kick off i   
Tue 30-Mar-2004 *** NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! ***
  Always a Pleasure, Never a Chore!, the 7th studio album from our good selves is NOW available from the Goodies page. It is only a fiver, i’m sure you can stretch to that, and it has 10 tunes tha   
Tue 16-Mar-2004 Battle Bus on last legs
  The faithful Far-Cue wagon has been given a death sentence by our local MOT’er. He says the Bus has only one more year left in it.
T’will be a sad day when she’s crushed to a cu   
Fri 12-Mar-2004 Last gig at the Stones
  Some sad news today. The gig at the Stones next week ( the 19th ) will be our last for them.
Von and Phil, the landlady and landlord respectively, are moving on to pastures new.
Speaking for   
Thu 11-Mar-2004 Far-Cue to play Run to the Sun
  It’s not much news, but the news page needed something different on it, so here it is.
We’ve been booked to play the Run to the Sun weekend in Newquay, it’s gonna be full of coo   
Mon 29-Dec-2003 5 Band Riot in Torquay
  The gig in Torquay on January 16th, is now a monster 5 band line up, with us headlining, then the mighty Hacksaw, then Sharia Law, then FCG, then Up the Rebels.
It should be a great night, hopefu   
Wed 23-Jul-2003 Gillingham gig cancelled
  Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Badger has had to cancel the Gillingham gig on August 2nd.
Nothing can be done, just one of those things.
Wed 23-Jul-2003 Far-Cue to support Sham 69
  September 11th at the Bierkeller in Bristol is the place to be, for Far-Cue will be supporting the punk legends that are Sham 69. We will be selling tickets to the show at a tenner a piece.
Fri 11-Jul-2003 Last minute Yeovil gig
  Far-Cue are filling in for their old cohorts FDS, at the Kings Arms, Yeovil on Saturday night.
Wed 2-Jul-2003 Emergency Cheese and Grain gig
  Check out the Gig Guide, a C & G gig has come up.....we think.....we hope......we headline anyway.
  After doing us proud at Glastonbury, and however many other gigs we’ve played this year, the Battle Bus was taking a well earned break, resting in the street outside Badger’s house.
Wed 18-Jun-2003 Late Booking
  Far-Cue are playing the Hope and Anchor this Saturday, filling in for some lightweights who dropped out.
It’s a bit last minute, so if you’re in the area, come along.
Sun 8-Jun-2003 Spike in new bass shocker!!!!!!
  Spike has purchased a new bass guitar.....and it’s a beauty. We applaud Spike’s move....now if we can just sort out the drum kit, we may sound half decent.
Mon 5-May-2003 Stones gig cancelled
  The gig at the Stones has been cancelled, becuase Badger wanted to go and see the UK Subs instead. We’re very sorry for this, as i know a few of yous wanted the new album. We’ll be back, p   
Mon 28-Apr-2003 New Album Finally For Sale
  Far-Cue’s new album, Songs Written In Our Spare Time, is now for sale, both available thru the site, or you can buy from us at one of the up coming gigs. It’s a tenner, there’s 13 tr   
Wed 12-Mar-2003 Title finally decided
  The title of the new Far-Cue album will be ’ Songs Written In Our Spare Time ’. Mainly because they were.
Wed 12-Mar-2003 Maidstone Gig Cancelled
  The gig on the 29th of March has been cancelled, due to information that the Hell’s Angels would ’ like a word ’ with Far-Cue.
Some time last year, or even the year before if me   
Sat 1-Mar-2003 Another Drummer Fuck Up
  Far-Cue were supposed to enter the studio today, to begin sessions for their new album. Sadly, by the time our drummer/frontman dragged his ass out of his pit this morning, it was way too late to do a   
Wed 5-Feb-2003 Emergency Parsons Gig!!!!
  Far-Cue have just accepted a slot on Friday 7th Feb at the Parsons Nose as a favour to Rich....so spread the word.
Wed 18-Dec-2002 Times Change.....
  Spankboy have now pulled out of the gig on the 20th of December, they claim to have some kind of a problem with their singer, but we all really know they just heard we were playing and have run away c   
Sun 15-Dec-2002 The Far-Cue Freak Show
  As is mentioned in the Forum, it looks as though Far-Cue have been given a night at the Cheese and Grain next year. It’s called a Punx Night Out and is a regular thing, but all the same bands se   
Thu 24-Oct-2002 New Live Album for sale
  You can now purchase Far-Cue’s Live At Glastonbury album from the Goodies section, it features all the best known tracks from the set, and is a steal at ten pounds.
Wed 23-Oct-2002 BASTARDS
  Sad news.....as if a giant oil leak and snapped fan belt weren’t enough, i am sad to have to report that The Battle Bus has been broken into.
The stereo was stolen, but thankfully, the idio   
Sat 19-Oct-2002 Bridport venue changed
  To avoid a repeat of the insanity at the last Bridport gig, the venue for the 22nd has changed to the WI Hall in Bridport instead of The Hope & Anchor...it will all kick off at the usual time and don&   
Sun 13-Oct-2002 Venue Changed!!
  Just to complicate matters further, the venue for the Bristol gig has now been changed to The White Horse, Lower Ashley Road, St.Pauls.....the whole thing is a benefit gig for Bristol Anarchist Black    
Mon 7-Oct-2002 Dates Changed!!
  The gig in Bristol with Anarchy Spanky has now been moved to the week before, meaning the gig at the Portman Arms in East Chinnock has been moved to the 17th of October as opposed to the 18th. The Gig   
Tue 10-Sep-2002 Help Us Out
  On the 19th of September, Far-Cue will be playing a battle of the bands at The Stones Cross in Midsomer Norton.
We never take these battle of the bands things too seriously,it’s just for th   
Wed 4-Sep-2002 Far-Cue Finally Online
  Well we’ve finally got ourselves on the net.

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