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Maidstone Gig Cancelled
Wed 12-Mar-2003
The gig on the 29th of March has been cancelled, due to information that the Hell’s Angels would ’ like a word ’ with Far-Cue.
Some time last year, or even the year before if memory serves, Far-Cue did a gig at the Custom and Classic Bike Show in Shepton Mallet. We had a caravan backstage ( right next to the strippers...... ) and some beer perks too.
After a hectic night, we mosied around, said Goodbye, and came home. Now the Hell’s Angels are accusing us of stealing some of their beer from the event, an accusation we emphatically deny. We may be dumb, reckless, out of tune and time, and lacking in a melodic ear, but we are NOT stupid enough to steal from the Hell’s Fucking Angels.
I must also say that we didn’t actually cancel the gig, it was cancelled for us, we would have played ( if we had been physically able to ) but it’s now been pulled.
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