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Times Change.....
Wed 18-Dec-2002
Spankboy have now pulled out of the gig on the 20th of December, they claim to have some kind of a problem with their singer, but we all really know they just heard we were playing and have run away crying.....

This act of cowardice means that we are now on at 8:45 PM, half an hour later than first scheduled...

Which, to be honest, is a bit of a cheek...i mean, after all, we’re providing the backline, the other bands are using OUR drum kit and OUR bass amp, so you can bet your last penny that on the night, we’ll be throwing our weight around, making sure we get what we want...and if we don’t, i’d like to see the other bands play without bass or drums.......HA HA HA!!!! Maybe we fancy headlining !!!!!
Fuck you Di’anno!!!!!!!!
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