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Always A Pleasure, Never A Chore!

Summat To Say

I love you i hate you
But you can never tell
All the things you do ta me
Seems like im in hell
I really wanna slap ya
But i know its wrong
And all my pent up anger
Is written in this song

Youre in my face 24/7
And i cant fink no more
You do my fuckin head in
Fuck off you fuckin whore
Gonna buy myself a gun
Wiv bullets made of gold
Shoot you in the fuckin face
Yeah thats me im cold

I will never let you do that to me again
I’ll break you and i’ll drive you fuckin insane
I’ll get rid of you, one way or the other
You’re as ugly as sin, ya make a din,
Ya smell just like ya mother
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