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Still Waiting On The Money


we went down by the sea for another show
van’s filled up and it’s time to go
the radio plays all the songs we know
and we’re all up for it
we unpack the gear and have a beer or two
place is rocking like they always do
then we turn around and see you know who
theyre right up for it

People scream people moan
Get that fucker off the microphone
How can we do it on our own
When you got some fucker on the microphone

we play half a set then we break for beer
somebody tell me what we’re doing here
after 16 beers it all becomes clear
we’re right up for it
start off again and someone grabs the mic
people think they can do what they like
it wouldnt be so bad but theyre always shite
and they think we love it

People scream....

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