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One Day

Pist Mass

Now a bloke and a bird got together
About 2000 years ago
They had a sprog, a little bloke
You know how the rest goes
There was a donkey, some camels
3 geezers and a star
And a couple of lovely doves
They were sat in a barn one Thursday night
When a voice from up above

He said

He said

He saaaaiiiidd

Jesus Christ what is all this malarkey on this farm?
Joseph said there werent no room in the pub just down the town
God he bellowed dont just sit there crack the fuckin beer
Heres the best damn party youre gonna have all year

Xmas xmas its the best time of the year, stuff yourself like a great big cushion and drink a lot of beer
Xmas xmas its the best time of the year, cant get laid get your buttocks splayed at the party of the year
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