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One Day

Token Ska Song

The two-tone bands have come and gone
They died in 1981
Gone are the black suits, hats and ties
Just disappeared with no good-byes
Now its over 20 years on
The yankee punx have just caught on
To the sound of Coventry ’79
They said they knew it all the time

It wont last long its a passing thing
A race to be cool, whos gonna win?
Gone as far as time will allow
Done without for too long now

Its just a fad it wont last long
This is your token ska song

These new groups will come and go, and they will be the last ones to know
That theyre not popular anymore
And all that stuff has been done before
You’ll be a broken little thing, known for the songs you used to sing
What the fuck will they pick on then?
Dont wanna go thru it all again

It wont last long.....
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