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Everythings in sequence but nothing goes to plan
Try and do it all at once, at least you think you can
You’re a little busy body getting in people’s way
Things that take at least a week, you do in a day
Have you ever cared about something in your life?
Wondered why your son left home to find himself a wife
Take control of people’s lives don’t you see it’s true?
You don’t really give a shit ’bout no-one else but you

Yuo’re gonna run out of things to do in life
When you do there won’t be anybody left for you
You’ll end up a sad and lonely person
Everyone that you’ve upset is going to say fuck you

Everything is hunky dory if it goes your way
The someone just comes along and they fuck up your day
You won’t let them hear the last, you won’t let it rest
you just won’t stop nagging them coz you think you know best
Don’t you ever feel ashamed? Don’t you think you’re wrong?
Setting people off all the time this thing just can’t go on
I for one am getting pissed with everything you do
If you’re not careful someone might do some damage to you

You’re gonna......

Wacth your mouth and try and change your attitude to life
People just won’t take no more you’ll end up with no life
Your tiny scheming little brains becoming quite a bore
You keep going the way you are well you should know the score
You want the big trouble, you know its gonna come
You’ll wake up dead in your own blood and i will have the gun
I’ll be free and so will you and countless others too
Heard the warnings took no heed and now we’re free from you

You’re gonna....
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