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Other sites we would like to recommend...


For us, this is the ONLY studio to use....how do you get a high quality sound for cheap-as-chips prices? Don’t ask us, we know nothing, just pop along to Western Star Studios and all will be revealed...


Our record label’s site.


The man has done sterling work for my guitars and he’s not so bad with a bass guitar either. Check out the site and treat yourself.


5 Piece punk band from MSN. No, not the Microsoft Network, MSN is what we yokels call Midsomer Norton. Good chaps one and all, good band too, thats a rarity. Go see em.


Youd be hard pushed to find a better Irish Punk band dun dis.


For those who’ve seen ’em before, no introduction is necessary, for those who haven’t, none will suffice.......


Bristol band who gig just as much as us, if not more than.
But, theyre the ones with the record deal, good on em.
Crackin live show, go see.


Excellent Punk covers band from Gillingham


Leatherface are just damn fine.If you only buy one album EVER, make it Mush by Leatherface coz it’s a classic......and Frankie Stubbs is God.


Stiff Little Finger’s offical web site, worth visiting just to drop in on their virtual pub, The Flag and Emblem.SLF are still a great live band and Inflammable Material is still an album you have to own.


Featuring two members of Sharia Law and one member of Exit Wound. Can’t go wrong really.


Because Steve hasn’t got enough to do with Far-Cue and Frenzy, he also writes and plays for Popeye’s Dik, a band who aren’t really a band.......but should be.


Quite simply, two of the best song writers in the world, still doing quality shows....try and catch them live if you can, if not, buy Sunshine On Leith, a crackin album.


This site is the bollocks for Clockwork Orange stuff. It also has a FULL Nadsat Glossary droogies.....


A firm in Bristol that have saved our asses in time for Glasters. Cd Duplication and a great service, all you bands want discs, get em here.


Played with ’em a coupla times in Torquay. All round decent chaps with a great line in Oi anthems to boot.....and boot they will. Take ’em home to meet your mum.


A dude from Bristol runs this site, and he has put a review of our Reckless Engineer gig with Hacksaw on there, so go there, explore it, and enjoy it.
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