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The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Sat 7-Apr-2007
According to my LBB, the last time i updated was just before the BOB Fest weekend.
Bit of a rollercoaster, the Stones Cross gig was disappointing due to the acoustics of the new room, the smoking ban, and a general lack of interest.

Doesn’t hurt to be honest does it.
Theres still a HUGE place in our collective heart for the Stones, we love the punters, the lovely people that own and run it, and the new look of the toilets, but that gig was not an enjoyable one.

The BOB Fest however, was a hugely enjoyable affair, and without wishing to sound like a hippie. Now is it hippy or hippie? Either way, the whole evening had a quite wondorous atmosphere about it, and we went down like a tall, ice cold glass of your favourite beverage on a glorious summers day.

Bit of bad news last weekend, so pleased were we to be heading UP the country for a gig for once, we didnt count on the van not agreeing with our exuberance.
So she decided to give it up on the way up there, and our chums at Green Flag made the devastating announcement they could only tow us home, as opposed to towing us up to Birmingham for the gig, hanging around till we played, help set the gear up, getting in the pit while we played, changing strings as and when we needed them, helping pack up the gear, mop our collective brow, then tow us home again, tuck us all in and read us our favourite bed time story.
I cant begin to imagine what we pay them for.
No wonder the AA is more popular.

Thanks to a bit of tinkering, bodging and gaffer tape, we were able to make it to the Wunderbar gig the next day.
Upon arrival, i was told i was quitting the band and had to dedicate my time solely to Frenzy.
It was news to me, and indeed to the other members of Da Cue.
The gig was a rather good crack, with the ’ Library Effect ’ coming into play in the first half of the set.
Play a song, and be met with a deathly silence after the polite smattering of applause echoed round the room.
It only ever seems to happen in Norton, must be something in the water over there.

And so last night. The Junction, Bristol. A brief discussion on the way home last night seemed to find us all in compliance that The Junction is fast becoming one of our very favourite gigs to play.
Personally, i feel if i were to create some form of machine capable of time travel, and i were to propel myself several decades into the future, i could walk into The Junction in Bristol and find it pretty much as i left it last night.
The same people, perfectly pickled in their cider induced state, the same bands with more waistline and less hair, and still too much reverb on the P.A.
To some, being stuck in a rut is a condition to be mocked, indeed a member of staff in The Vic Bars takes great pleasure in informing us that 1977 was in fact 30 years ago.
For me though, i love the fact that while times must and always do change, if you ever need solidarity you can just walk into The Junction.

What a load of guff.

It was a sweaty affair last night. We were rather panicked at the poster, that indicated we were to headline.
Headline? Above Ghurka? Idontfuckingthinksso.
So we struck a deal with Eastfield and Ghurka that we would swap slots left right and somewhere near the centre, but as with all the best laid plans, it turned out the running order became what was on the poster and we had to finish the night off.
After a band like Ghurka, unless you’re Napalm Death, you’re going to sound a trifle........light.
Shall we say.
Thankfully though, the audience were in a state of intoxication, and i firmly believe an amplified fart with enough distortion on it, would have set off a mosh pit.
God Bless em.
We played 30 of the sweatiest minutes of my life ( i dont get out much ) and then required oxygen.

Full marks and kudos to Andy and his mate whose name escapes me for putting last nights gig on.
It was a benefit for some kind of protest about the laying of pipes, forgive me for not remembering the ins and outs, im one of those rare types who think that music and politics dont mix.
Music = Fun        Politics = Crap
These days anyway. Feel free to discuss it on the Forum, down the pub, or on the phone to the Samaritans.

And so let us strain our weary red eyes to the horizon, for this week we encounter that most wonderful of events.
A 3 in a rower.
Friday we’ll be in The Riverside, Bradford On Avon.
There is some support, one of them being BattleWitch, which has Badger salivating as i type.
Saturday we’ll be in Gillingham, that most refined of shit holes. It may not be the asshole end of the planet, but you can certainly see it from there.
Only joking chaps, its a very nice place you have, i know it may LOOK like we cant wait to get out of there, but thats just because the van turns into an aubergine at the stroke of 1:47 am, and that can get quite messy at 70 mph.
Our good friends Goatorcycle will be fluffing us on that one.
And on Sunday we’ll be making the long trek to Chepstow, a rock n roll town if ever there was one. Is it? Dont know, never been.
Again, Goatorcycle will be there and dont you just love em.

And so we hope to see you at one of those, and we thank you if you were there at one of the previous.
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