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Finn McCools, Weymouth - Sat 30-Apr-2005
So Finns. Weymouth. Saturday.
Nice pub. If i lived in Weymouth, id probably drink in Finns. Having said that, its the only pub ive ever been in in Weymouth, maybe if i had something to compare it with i might change my mind.
Anyways, our first gig in Finns.
When we got there, we discovered we were ’ Punk with Humour ’ according to the chalkboard outside.
Thats good to know innit?
So that makes us Pumourous. Or Hunks. You can decide.    

Now then, about the above, we were told we had to do an hour, take a break, then go on and do another hour.
The thing about taking breaks is......they fucking suck.
You write the set in a certain way, figure out which songs work best where and what songs dont etc.
You spend gig after gig honing it down, gettin it right.
We’re not a blues band, we cant do 10 minute jams on Sunshine of Your Love.
Well, we probably could but we’re not wankers.
Well, we are, but we know better.
When you stop for half hour, or even just 10 mins, it gives people a chance to get away. They can be enjoying your set, gettin into it or whatever, but as soon as you stop giving them a reason to stay, they have every reason to go.
PLUS, after an hour banging away, the muscles tend to get stiff and dont wanna start again.
We’re not 17 ya know!!!!.................sadly.

Anyways, i could go on but i did enough of that on Saturday night.
The second half of the set was way better thanks in no small part to alcohol.
People started jumpin, which is always nice to see.
Sadly, the bouncers didnt think it was nice to see, and they put the mockers on it.
Gawd bless em ey?

In all i didnt think it went too bad, check out the Gallery for the pics, they’re in there under Finns.
Makes a lotta sense dont it?

We asked if they wanted us back, but i dont think its gonna happen, maybe it was a reaction to the jumping around.
Badger said it was a ’ thanks but no thanks ’ reaction.
Your loss Finns.
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