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The Labour Club, Yeovil - Sat 9-Apr-2005
Did i say the Labour Club? Coz i meant Liberal Club.
Anyways, must confess my expectations weren’t high on this one.
Turned out to be a good laugh as it happens.
The place had a stage and there was a big pa and lights and everything.
That was a turn up for the old plus fours.
We hadnt played in a while so it took a while to get going.
The audience, which consisted of a large gang of bikers and their equally large friends, weren’t the most responsive people in the world.
I dont know if they knew how to take us really.
We had the token drunken simpleton on the dance floor though which made for a laugh, and we also got a suitably gravel voiced large chap to sing Ace Of Spades with us.
So all in all it was a good return to gigging for us.

Best bit was when Guy said he’d been in the bogs, and people in there were chatting abuot us, not aware that Guy was in the band.
That boy is the master of disguise i tell you, the Scarlet Pimpernel takes lessons from him.
Anyhoo, apparently one bloke said ’ They’ve got this great attitude, just like Oasis! ’

So from me, Know-All ( NOel/Know-All Geddit? ), Guy or should i say Gem?, and Badger Gallagher, ta for a tops night in Yeovil, you were all mad fer it ar kids.
Fookin fried egg sandwiches.
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