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The Hobbits, Weston-Super-Mare - Sat 16-Apr-2005
The last time we played The Hobbits in Weston was with a tight sphincter, as we were supporting The Meteors.
An un-enviable task at the best of times.
This time was equally nerve-racking, as we had The Get-Outs
supporting us, and while that would have been bad enough as
The Get-Outs are rather good, this was their last of 4 dates in a row, so we knew they’d be on fire.
We on the other hand, hadnt played together for a few weeks.
It was a case of head down and get the fuck on with it, rather than fretting about how the hell we were gonna do it at all.

As expected the Get-Outs played a blinder.
We decided to fuck about with the set a bit, starting with a new-ish song, throwing songs we usually end with in the middle and generally trying to keep ourselves interested, bad as that might sound.

I think we played okay, it was hard to tell at times it was so loud.

The Hobbits is a great place for live music, hats off to Mark for making a go of it down there.
Any bands reading this you could do worse than drop him a demo and beg for a gig.
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