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Reckless Engineer, Bristol - Sun 19-Dec-2004
A few hours down time and we were back on the road to Bristol.
Convinced the idea of playing again was COMPLETE insanity.
We drove past the Reckless and saw it was pretty thin on the ground for punters.
We were very late, having forgotten the PA on our first attempt to get there and had to turn back to retrieve it.
We walked in the place to discover it was even shorter on punters than we first observed.
By the time we set and up and started playing, it was even thinner.
In fact, it was one punter, CHEERS JEFF!!!!!!, and the bar staff.

Now, i could just say it was a good gig.
I could say yeah, we played Bristol too.
But i aint gonna sugar coat it.
We played to one person in a pub fit for 100s.
Simple as.
Theres no delusions of rock stardom here.
The rough is taken with as much relish as the smooth.
In fact, if it werent for the rough youd never appreciate the smooth.
All you piss ant little bands out there, youd bottle it wouldnt you?
Youd run away, crying to Daddy ( who bought all yer gear ) that there were no punters there and there was brown M & Ms in the bowl to boot.
I know i wanted to, but my punker than punk band mates reminded me.
We are Far-Cue, we shy away from NOTHING.
Except crusty hippy parties of course.

We played a little set, had a laugh, Surely its what its all about, punters or not.

If i sound like im trying to convince myself, im not.
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