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Cheese and Grain, Frome - Sun 28-Nov-2004
Playin on Sundays.....is there no rest anymore?

At times we thought the gig wasn’t even gonna happen.
We got there about 6 ish, and there was no sign of Bad Manners.
Eventually, a couple of the horn section turned up, only to
announce the rest of the band were still in Bristol.
The minutes ticked by, until we were eventually told to just go ahead and set up, since it was half seven and the doors were opening at 8.
All of a sudden Bad Manners were working around us.

They eventually got there at about the same time the punters did.
It’s actually the kind of thing Far-Cue usually do.
But then, Far-Cue haven’t had any songs in the top ten.
Which is a relief if you ask me.

For a band that once vowed never to play our home town of Frome again, we’ve done pretty well recently, playing the shit-hole 3 times in as many weeks.

It’s interesting to see how quickly the fads and fashions among the ’ kids ’change.
Talking to the sound guy in the Cheese and Grain, Toby, he told us the Punk nights they have down there now aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, and of the 3 gigs we played in the town, i gotta say most of the people there were as old as we were.....i guess it’s uncool to like ’ Punk ’ gigs now.
Which is cool.....it’ll come back in vogue again, and i’m sure we’ll still be here banging out tunes and moaning about the young upstarts thinking they know it all when we’ve been doing it for years.........

At rehearsal, we decided the worst thing we could do supporting Bad Manners would be to end our set with ’ Lonely This Christmas ’.
A sing-a-long of a Xmas carol to a bunch of ex-skins.....not a good idea.
So we did it.
It was cool.
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