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ULU, London - Sat 18-Dec-2004


See? Got all the lingo.

So Far-Cue finally get to play London.
Bout frickin time i reckon.

Believe it or not, despite the results of an AA Route
Planner on our collective lap, we still managed to get lost
on the way to the venue.
It probably would have been quicker to park the van and carry the fuckin gear to the ULU.
Still, we got there and had about an hour before we had to go on.
All the gear was already on the stage, it was a plug in and play affair, which, while its not what musicians ( use the term loosely ) prefer, when puttin on a gig like this it was necessary.
So i had to break a personal rule and play through a Marshall.
Guitar players out there i beg you, dont be a sheep, Marshall are not the be all and end all, if you like em fine but dont buy em just coz all your favourite super hero axe wielders use em.
There are other amps out there.

Thats that over with.

So we stormed through about 6 or 7 songs. Not sure how long we were on stage for, it felt like 5 minutes coz we were playing hellish fast.
Nowt wrong with that i reckon.
Weird for us though, who are used to doing things a certain way, playing at least 20 songs and sweating like a whore in church.
Felt like we were just warming up when we had to come off stage.
Not complaining mind you, just felt weird.

By this point it had been agreed we were staying the night.
It was Guy’s birthday the day before, and there was talk of an all night party afterwards somewhere in Stoke Newington.
So we headed to the bar, Ryan ( the promoter ) laid on some SERIOUS hospitality and before you knew it a good time was being had.
Saw a few bands, cant remember any of the names, but made sure we were front and centre for PAIN.
They’ve changed a bit since the last time i saw em, but still great.

So after a while we were on the streets, in search of a ride to the party.
We walked, and walked, and attempted to flag down various cabs, and walked some more and got rained on, and wondered what the fuck we were doing.
All of a sudden, Ryan and his missus had gone, Badger had made his own way somewhere and myself and Guy and Tipper were trying to find a pub that would let us in.
Next thing we knew we were in Soho, getting refused entry to every pub we tried to get in.
Eventually we were permitted entrance to the ’ O ’ Bar.
For 3 quid of course.
So to the bar, where two vodka and cokes cost 11 pound something, and a bottle of Millers £3.20.
If that place wasn’t Ginger i dont know what was.
Kicked out of there we headed back to the van, met up with Badger and attempted to sleep. Fact chance. Cold and wet from the rainy night in Soho, sleep was sporadic for some, and denied totally to others.
Needless to say the morning was welcomed.
We drove to Camden to find a greasy spoon, parked the van and decided to check out the Market.....well, gotta be done hannit?
We found one of the greasiest spoons on the planet, and devoured the bacteria hungrily, a hangover cure if ever there was one.
Then to the market, all good fun.

Weary from the night before and aware we were giggin again that night, we headed back to the van.
Only to discover some cunt had clamped us.
Fuckin clamped.
Cheers Kuntish Town Council, may your bollocks fester and fall off over the Yuletide.
£115 later, we were free from the heavy duty chain and the Beast was free to eat up the white lines again.
Home James, and quick about it.
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