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Woodman, Bridport - Sat 20-Nov-2004
On Saturday we had to go to Bridport to play Pete’s Birthday Party.
Regular visitors to this site will know we had to stop playing the Hope and Anchor in Bridport because a certain neighbour would complain about the noise.
So this time we were to play a place called the Woodman.
Was a shock walkin in, since the place was full of old people eating fancy meals.
Thankfully we were directed round the back to a skittle alley, which would be where we would play.
The glamour of it all.
Was a bit weird at first, trying to sort out the volume, but as each song went by we cranked it a bit, a bit more, until we were at something approximating gig levels.

I like to think people enjoyed it, Pete definitely did, he was a little ’ worse for wear ’ shall we say, and left before we did.
Not before singing lead vocals on Ace Of Spades though.

We may well be back down the Woodman, and hopefully the locals from the Hope will realise and come to see us again.

The van decided to break down on the High Street on the way out.
Just our luck it was a Cop van that was the next vehicle round the corner.
She started again though, and we were away.
It was a long old journey home, and we were pretty glad to be back in Frome at the end of it.
Little did we know the night wasn’t over.

We got flagged down on a road close to The Sett, some old dude was signalling us to stop.
Me? Id have carried on, but Badger stopped. The old dude came to the window and told us his wife had had a skinful that night and had fallen over in their bathroom and he couldnt get her up so would we be good enough to?

Fuckin surreal i tell you.

There we were, 2 in the morning, entering a strange flat to pick up a strange woman. She insisted on telling us all about her night first, and also it appeared she couldnt get up without her bag or glasses.
She’d been drinkin with her nephew dont you know, at the Con Club no less.
Then she decided she wanted to know who we were, what we were doing there, and then she didnt wanna be picked up.
At one point i was worried she’d start screaming there were 4 dodgy blokes in her place out to rob her.

But she came to her senses.........kinda.....and Far-Cue, with Sarge in tow, hoisted the helpless bint to her feet.
We then climbed in the van and disappeared into the night.
No thanks or reward necessary.
Sleep soundly you old ladies of the Con Club, if you’re in danger, Far-Cue will be there.

Hope you had a good birthday Pete.
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