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Cheese and Grain, Frome - Fri 19-Nov-2004
So yes the gig at the Grain did help to erase the bad memories of last time.
We did half an hour at the start, pretty sober, and, even though a seperate desk and engineer would have been cool for the monitor mix, i think we played pretty well.
Felt weird to be finished playing for the night by 9:15.
We’re usually just getting ready to go on then.
Nobodys Heroes were after us, sadly i didnt get to see a lot of their set but what i did see, and from what people told me, they were as good as ever.
Plus, they were cool enough to play Teenage Kicks and dedicate it to the memory of John Peel.

The Selecter did their thing, and yes, it was funny watching people skank whilst drunk.
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