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The Granary, Frome - Sat 13-Nov-2004
The last time Far-Cue played a gig in Frome, it was a disaster.

Full of ego, self-importance and alcohol, we decided to choose the biggest venue in town, the biggest for quite a few miles, get a few of our friends’ bands to play with us and think we could get 600 people to turn up and tear the place apart.

The night was a wash-out, in my book at least, and is best
left in the past. A painful lesson learned.

SO this time we decided to be more realistic.
The Granary had a capacity of only 120.
More friendly, less rock star.

Initially, the plan was to make the night an all ages show,
and free entry.
Sadly, we were told we couldn’t have anyone under 16 in, and if anyone looked under 16, they would be id’d.
This was a worrier, since i was kinda hoping a lot of the
punky Blink-Sum-1842 kids would fill out the numbers, since
when the Cheese and Grain first started doing Punx Night Out, it was the kids that would fill the place and get into stuff.
Also, the Granary would cost a hundred bucks to hire, and since the band kitty is as dry as the desert floor, we’d have to make a small charge to enter.
A quid. Surely no-one could complain at that.

Before i made it to the Granary on the night, i needed some
batteries for the old digital camera.
On the way back from that little mission, i walked past a bunch of people, all heading out of town, bottles of booze in tow.
One of them called out ’ ALright Steve! ’ and i recognised him as someone i used to see at the Cheese and Grain Punk gigs.
It felt bad, thinkin they should have been heading INTO town, on their way to see us.
Instead, they were on their way to a remote street corner to drink cider, smoke some dodgy blow, and try and attract girls who might be good enough to rid them of their virginity.

There’s always a worrier, and in Far-Cue, i guess i’m it.

My worries were extended when i walked into the Granary at half eight and saw maybe 20 or 30 people milling about, and Whats The Point? had brought them.

Speaking of Whats The Point?, thanks have to be said to them for being good enough to do the gig with us, also for bringing people with, and more especially to Stun for coming early with the PA, setting it up and giving us a good sound for the evening.
Cheers a lot fellas, ANOTHER good one.

Sadly, Up The Rebels had to cancel earlier in the week.
One of their guitar players sustained a hand injury.
So our idea of a mega-bargain-3-bands-for-a-quid-gig was down the pan.

I definitely think Graham from Whats The Point? and Guy are in some kind of battle to see who can snap the most bass strings.
Just call a truce you chaps, it must be costing you a fortune.

So all of a sudden it was 10 o clock and the place was heaving.
We hadn’t done a gig in a few weeks and only had one rehearsal, so things felt a bit rusty for a few songs.

Felt fuckin bizarre to be playing to lots of people in Frome at our own gig.

We’re playing the Cheese and Grain this week, and that should hopefully serve to really erase the bad memories of the last one.
We’re supporting The Selecter so get yer Two-Tone gear out and be there early, we’re on first, then Nobodys Heroes before the headliners.

Pics from the Granary gig are gonna be up some time today ( Sunday ).

Ta to all who came to support the night, reckon it’ll happen again some time
next year.
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