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The Barracuda Bars, Newquay - Tue 24-Aug-2004
Newquay wasn’t so much a gig as an endurance test.
Because record labels SUCK COCK, we all still work for
a living.
Therefore we have to plead to bosses for time off to go
to gigs etc.
Rock n Roll it ain’t.

The Barracuda Bars is just absolutely huge.
I can’t begin to explain it.
We turn up feeling like a skiffle band trying to headline
Our poxy PA looks like you couldn’t amplify a fart through
it and be heard in there.
Also, a lack of mic’s meant we couldn’t mike up the drum kit.
We feared that Badger would be drowned out again, since it
was like trying to gig in St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The solution was to turn down the guitar and bass so low we
could have had a chat over a cuppa tea on stage.
Odd but effective.

The Barracuda has decided to throw ’ Punk Vs Metal ’ nights
on a Tuesday.
An odd choice for that type of venue in my book.
Apparently on a weekend, theres a ratio of 8 guys to every 1 chick.
What chance do we have??!?!?!?!?!?!

But good on em anyways for doing it.

Also apparently, the nights have been a success there.
Lots and lots of people showing up.
When half nine came round and the place was still dead, i
started to doubt our source.

As we started playing and the night wore on, the attendance
wasn’t too bad.
After the gig, the reason for the lack of heads was established....

’ A ’. Heard of em? Well, A were playing in the Walkabout down the road, and all the kids had buggered off down there to see em.
Not fuckin A.

So the bastards aren’t happy with playing Reading this weekend, they wanna steal a potential audience from these idiots too?

Oh well, bad timing, it’s all about the timing.
We had fun, hopefully they’ll ask us back again.

Not too keen on the journey home though, and getting to bed at four to get up again at seven.
Weekday gigs, who needs em?
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