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The Reckless Engineer, Bristol - Sat 22-May-2004
We were all dreadin the idea of gangs of rival football supporters coming through the doorsof the Reckless Engineer in Bristol.
Millwall fans in particular being renowned for trouble, and sure enough, what started as a trickle from the train station opposite turned into a full on avalanche of bodies, wearing team colours and in the case of Man Utd fans, huge, shit-eating grins. Im not a footy fan so i couldnt care less who won.
As it happens, they were all as good as gold, and as soon as Whats The Point took to the stage, they all gave em encouragement too.
It was a shame a few more of em didnt stick around, but in this case, the phrase ’ I gotta train to catch ’ was probably the truth.
We were supposed to be charging on the door for this gig, but seriously, put yerself in Badger’s shoes.
You’re standing there, just a tatty sign drawn up with a permanent marker a few hours before for advertising, and 100 rowdy footy fans come barrelling towards you.
You gonna be the one to put your hand up in front of their collective face and say ’ That’ll be two quid each lads.....’?
Nah me neither.
We’ve been accused of being too expensive in the past ( we wish ), but Far-Cue are most certainly not doing this for cash.
We’re all skint, and May has been our busiest month, that should be proof enough if needed.
The landlord supplied us with some free beer at the end though, which went down a treat.

Whats The Point were great, not only for the music, but for setting up the PA and being cool about the drums too.
How refreshing to play with another band as easy going as they were.
I dont know how often they play, but i cant see why it shouldnt be at least once a week, and i urge you, whether you like new stuff or old stuff, to go check em out, i cant see why you’d be disappointed.

When we went on it had emptied out a bit, but still, the people still in there were up for it.
I think the Reckless will turn into one of those places that we’ll do quite well in after a while of working on it.
They all seem cool, even the dancing old bloke with his jeans up around his throat, so we’ll just keep plugging away there if they let us.
We played well, we seem to be doing so lately, i pray we keep this up.
I broke 4 strings which i think equals my record, but thankfully the only bass trouble was a dodgy lead.
Comes to something when Badger is the most reliable instrument wise.
Or indeed anything wise.

Thanks to the Reckless, and to Whats The Point, im sure we’ll be playing
together again soon chaps.
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