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Flicks, Yeovil - Fri 21-May-2004
Now thats that out of my system.
We were late turning up for the gig in Flicks, so everything normal up to now.
We were so late the first band were about to play.
They were called Weapons Of Brass Destruction, and they were ska-core.
Bit like the Voodoo Glow Skulls i fancy.
Good they were, go check em out, plus the lead singer looked like a thinner version of Pancho from Dirty Sanchez, which is cool.
Next up were a band who didnt say who they were called, so i cant tell you.
Shame really, its good to know who to avoid.
3 Guitarists in that one, i gotta ask fellas, how do you cope with that many egos in one practice room? 2 guitarists is bad enough, but 3?
Bet theres some volume competitions there.
As it happens, the sound was really quite good.
Next up was us, played for half an hour and Christ on a bike it was hot.
Flicks can make you feel old, it’s full of geezers dressing in the Blink fashion, and chicks dressin in the Avril Lavigne fashion, you get the idea.
Theyre friendly enough, and by the end they were diggin it large.
Shame we didnt have enough time to play Ace Of Spades for you chaps, next time if they let us play again.
Then it was a band from Sweden, i think they said. They were ok, had a wicked drummer playin like Mike Bordin, and a guitar player complete with harmonica.....Roy McHacksaw watch yer back.
Or alternatively, form a band with him, you could do harmonica harmonies.
Wouldnt like the idea of nippin to Sweden every week for rehearsals though.
Anyways, the last band on were the Filaments.
They really looked the part, all pyramid studs on the belts, spiky hair, the whole uniform.
They too had a horn section, to my ears it sounded better when it was just the guitars bass and drums, and thats not a comment on the ability of the brass blowers.
They blasted through a short set, bit like us in that there was very little fuckin about between songs, they just got on with it.
All in all a loud night, some good bands, some not so good.
I wish someone in this shitty town of Frome would try and do the same kinda thing Flicks are doing. Its a good atmos, and if i were a young-un in Yeovil, Flicks would be as good a reason as any to form a band and get gigging, coz you know they’ll give you a chance and yer mates will be there to take the piss.

So tonight were doin the Reckless in Bristol. Guy has rightly pointed out that its the FA Cup final tonight, and its in Cardiff, meaning a lot of blokes will use Bristol as a way-station between the game and going home.
SO we expect trouble tonight, and quite a bit of it, since the pub is opposite the train station.
Should be fun......
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