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Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton - Sat 10-Jul-2004
We hadn’t played together since Glasters. Not a rehearsal, not anything.
Christ didn’t it ever show.
When we got to the Wunderbar, it was already heaving.
Mardi Gras in Midsomer Norton is obviously a big deal to a lot of people.
For those that don’t know, the Wunderbar is a small place, that you gotta walk down a shit load of steps to get to.
This ain’t good for carrying gear of course, but the Wunderbar has the added bonus of an in-house PA.
Of course, we don’t mind lugging the gear into the venue, it comes with the territory kinda thing, but what is annoying, is when you have to get the gear through 200 people in a space big enough for 100.
Admittedly some people were being ignorant, but i guess a lot of em didnt have anywhere to move to.

Hacksaw were already there, and we did our best to accomodate two bands worth of gear on the stage. Thank God Hacksaw are only a two piece.

They were as good as ever, and we even had Junior Hacksaw down the front too.
Gotta say chaps, that newest song you played was a corker, myself and Badger both said last night in the pub that we wish we wrote that song.
If you don’t want it, we’ll give it a good home......

Then it was us, and let me tell you, that venue was hot.
And i mean hot.
By the end of the first song i was sweating, by the end of the second i thought i was gonna pass out. Fuck knows how Badger felt, singin and drummin like he does.
We were rusty i know. In truth i don’t think anyone noticed, and if they did, i don’t think they cared.

Those that were there are probably thinkin, when is he gonna mention that girl?

Well i ain’t.

We nearly had a full on sex show for you, but she bottled it.
Not fair is it?
It was the least she could do for ripping Guy’s lead out of his bass, perching on Badger’s shoulder for most of the gig and.......that other stuff.
Anyways, enough about that.

Cheers to Wilb at the Wunderbar for booking us on the Mardi Gras, damn decent of you old chap. Cheers to the punters for being extra rowdy. Cheers to Hacksaw for supporting in their own inimitable fashion.
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