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The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth - Sat 15-May-2004

On to Saturday’s gig in Bournemouth.
The Battle Bus was in hospital, so we had the loan of the mechanic’s van.
Everything loaded in, we headed down.
Now, Far-Cue aren’t the most punctual band on the planet.
We get there when we can. When its possible.
Sometimes we’re a tad late, but when we are, we dont fuck about, we just sort it out.
We turned up to the Gander about half eight. The fact that we dont have to play till nine thirty, means, to me anyways, that we have plenty of time.
The landlord didnt think so.
He said we were so late we’d missed out on 60 quids worth of door money and he doubts he can pay us full wack tonight.
Yeah, righto mate.
So we took it on the chin and continued setting up.
Quick note about the Gander; they have an in house PA there.
In order to set up an in house PA, you need an in house PA engineer.
Sadly, no one had shown up to do it. Because we knew it had an in house PA we didnt bother to take ours.
We all sat round, gutted, and talked about blowing the gig, we could still make it back to Frome for last orders, with a landlord already pissed at us and no engineer, its probably best to just cut yer losses and run.
But thats not us. We struggled on, attempted to set up the pa ourselves, which was a disaster, and then managed to get hold of a bloke called Tom.
A quiff head who came down at a moments notice and took care of everything.
Bless you Tom, you rockabilly life saver you.
So the gig kicked off, powered by relief and nervous energy.
3 things happened, two usually happen, one NEVER happens.
1) I broke a string, 2) Badger broke a stick, and the third thing ive never ever seen in 13 years or more playing.....Guy broke a bass string, the THICKEST bass string you can get.
This was about 40mins from the end i think. So we took a quick break to panic.
Since you never expect to snap a bass string, we dont carry spares, then, while we were discussing which songs its possible to do on a 3 string bass, Guy comes up with a GENIUS answer.
Tune the remaining 3 strings down so they act as the bottom 3.
So the A became the E, the D became the A etc etc.
Using this we finished the gig triumphantly.

Now then, while we were playing, i noticed a guy outside with an odd lookin gizmo that appeared to be a box with a mic sticking out of it.
We got told he’d been inside with it too.
After the gig i approached him, wanting to make sure we werent too loud and was worried he might be the environmental health.
Turns out he works freelance, measuring noise levels for pubs applying for a late license like the Gander was.
He clocked us at 110 db.
To put that into context, 60 db is normal conversation, around 120 db is the pain threshold. Just dig a bit on the net, you’ll find that its recommended that youre only supposed to be exposed to 110 db for one minute and 29 seconds.
The rock n roll side of me says COME ON......the sane side of me says, plug up you twat, coz, like the man himself said, Far-Cue are going deaf....quickly.

So after the gig, we load up and prepare to head off. Turns out the Gods hadnt finished fuckin with us yet. The fuckin van wouldnt start.
After 4 or 5 hours fuckin with it, and enduring every fucked up drunk Bournemouth had to offer.....let me just say, Bournemouth isnt full of beautiful people, its full of tarts and twats.
Coz ive prattled on enough here, i’ll cut it short by saying we had to call a breakdown truck and use the pittance we got paid to pay the man.
Turned out to be some kind of stop valve.....i dont know, if i did, we wouldnt have needed the bloke.
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