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The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth - Sat 2-Oct-2004
The gig at the Gander was the last before the place gets a refurb apparently.
Personally i don’t think it needs it.
Well, the bogs could do with a good un-blocking, aside from
that it’s cool.

We got there nice and early for a change, unsure of whether or not we had a sound guy or were gonna use our own PA.
Either way suits really.
Anyways, after a pint we set up and a geezer strode over and introduced himself as the sound man for the evening.
His name escapes me for which i apologize.

We set him up and left him to it, then about half nine we thought it was time to do some work.
And whadya know, the PA wasn’t working.
Seems like Tom the Pronghorn soundman is the only man on this planet who can get it to work.


Ten to ten and our sound man dude had had to call in the sound man dude from the Villa, the nightclub we played not too long ago, who came down only to discover HE couldn’t get it to work either.
Tom, you’re gonna take the secret to the grave with you aren’t you?

So this Villa dude legs it off somewhere to get another DESK, and afer a very quick set up and sound check we managed ot get playin about 10 o clock.

It was quite frustrating, especially since there was an audience there, one of the biggest we’ve had at the Gander.
Thankfully they stuck with us.

There was a dude there who was having his stag do that night.
Dom, good luck with it all mucker, hope you had fun.

And cheers to both soundmen who sorted the probs out.

The pics from the night are up in the Gallery so give them a damn good browsing.
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