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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Sat 21-Aug-2004
’Tis a sad day when Far-Cue take to the stage more sober
than pissed.
Bizarrely enough, this happened at The Nose last night.
Don’t worry, we’re not adopting a more professional attitude.
Are we?

Sadly, we arrived too late to see Nishe’s gig at 6 o clock.
Apparently their last in there.
They’re not splitting, they’re just moving on.
Shame you couldn’t do the support for us today chaps, bloody drummers huh?

We came in on the arse end of Mutley’s set.
Think it was Mutley anyways.
No offence to them, but we were really waiting for Severance to get cracking. They were okay, apparently Rich gave them a medal at the end.
Now, Severance are a HEAVY METAL band.
Oh yes, none of yer Fred Durst nu-metal bollocks here.
In Severance world, Rob Halford is God. ( Ask yer Dad kids )
Twas the first time Guy had seen them, and thankfully, they
were all that Badger and myself had cracked them up to be.
Severance’s front man, Mark, works like a Japanese Beaver, and gives the impression he’d be giving it the same if he were playing to one man and his dog, or Wembley Stadium.
Entertainment. It’s hard to find these days.

So after them were Tantrum, who we missed although they came highly recomended from Dickie’s brother.

Once upon a time, we had a gig in Bath Moles club.
In typical Far-Cue fashion we arrived about an hour late.
The sound guy said we had ten minutes to set up and be ready to sound check and if we can’t do it he’s pissing off.
Well, we did it,and the sound dude said we’d set a Moles club record for setting up.

And we may have broke that set-up record last night.
To get a band’s gear off, and anothers on and ready to play
in a pub HEAVING with people, is a Logistical Nightmare.
Look out for that name.
So we only had 10 mins to set up if we wanted to get cracking at midnight.
Needless to say it was acheived, even with dodgy mic stands.
God bless Gaffer Tape.

Understatement of the night goes to Guy, who said ’ There were a few gremlins at the start ’
Just a bit. For once the guitars drowned out Badger.
The vocals couldn’t be heard for a few numbers, some vagabond managed to steal my plectrums.......if you want souveniers people just bloody ask......and of course a string snapped.
The back up guitar decided it wanted to be tempremental
volume wise, just when we’d sorted the levels out.
So yes, there were a few ’ teething problems ’ but they’re to be expected in that situation.

By the end it was all sorted, and a great one was had.
Yet again we had backing vocals from a Warminster Punk, i can’t wait for your gig fellas, for 3 or 4 years in a row you’ve all taken over the mics at our Nose gigs, so when we see you, Far-Cue will be right in your faces, singing along to all the songs we don’t know.
Best Served Cold, i fancy.

So another carny night drew to a close.
Talking to Rich afterwards, we realised it was the 4th or 5th we did in a row.
Although i think we missed last years on account of being split up.
Not sure about that, maybe someone with a memory can tell me.

We’ll be back in the Nose in October i think it is, which isn’t too far away.
Cheers to Rich for puttin us on again this year, its Always A Pleasure,and i can’t recall it being a chore.

Today however, will be a chore.
All the way to Poole for a 3 hour afternoon show.
The words ’ stark ’ and ’ contrast ’ spring to mind.
Last night was fantabblyastic, keep yer eye on the site for news
of what happened later on today..............
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