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The Parsons Nose, Melksham - Fri 13-Aug-2004

I write this having just got back from Melksham.
I’m still sweaty.......nice.

But that’s how fuckin hot it was in the Nose.

I was sweatin like a paeodphile in Toys R us tonight.

But first things first, gotta say a big Much Respect
and Ta to What’s The Point? for not only supporting,
but also bringin a coach load of chaps and chapesses from
Midsomer Norton. Top hole i say.

Not only that, but they were pretty damn rather good too.
They made a great deal of friends tonight, and that is the point.
Since you ask.

As for us, we expected grief after the let down of last time, and i think Badger got a fair bit of it.
So we premiered 2 new songs ( covers, granted ) to make up for it.
I won’t say em here, you’ll have to find em out for yourselves.

Talking afterwards, myself and Guy agreed tonight was the closest either of us had come to passing out on stage.
It may sound rock n roll but it aint.
It was a bloody nightmare.
All good fun though, and it seems the Nose was worth the wait.
I hope the moaners and complainers from last time agree.
i know i know, its coz you love us really...........

Also, we heard tonight we may be up for a support slot with GBH.

There, thats that jinxed.

Next week sees us back in the Nose, believe it or not, for the carnival night, which is usually packed and good fun.
The music in the Nose kicks off about 6, there’s Nishe, Mutley, Severance, someone else i’ve forgotten, and of course us.
We start at midnight, but i strongly advise you get down for the whole night.
Then we’re off to Poole the day after, and it looks like we’ll be dragging What’s The Point down with us.

Cheers to Rich and all for the fun tonight, another good one.
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