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The George, Poole - Fri 14-May-2004
Firstly, The George at Poole.
The staff and landlord at the George are all about as cheery as a funeral march. I don’t think they could give a rat’s rear if you were there or not.
So a warm welcome is something you shouldn’t really look forward to.
No matter, this is just my opinion, but if the 3 guys in the band have fun, then it was a good gig. If we play well, and enjoy it, the fact that there
wasnt many punters or those that were there ignore you or whatever, is really secondary, coz you know you’re doing nothing wrong. If you say ’ That was
shit and i coulda played better ’, its worse than saying ’ The crowd was shit but we were fuckin great. ’
Selfish it may be, but if you turn up and do your bit to the best of your ability, then you have no worries and certainly nothing on your conscience.
So no, there wasnt a big crowd at Poole, but it didnt matter, it exorcised the demons of the Cheese and Grain gig, everything was tight and FUN.
Cheers to the bloke who thought he was LiamGallagher......gimp.
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