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Flicks, Yeovil - Fri 2-Apr-2004
Flicks in Yeovil is a bar, frequented by kids who all dress alike but all claim to be different.
Sorry, i gotta learn to be nicer on this site, but it’s just so hard when things happen like they did in Flicks.
Basically, it was a 4 band bill, which is a MAMMOTH task for a place with pub hours.
Mammoth, but not impossible.
We got there late.....nothing new......and unfortunately missed Bok Choi’s set.
Thankfully we caught Sharia Law’s, which was fan-tabbly-astic.
Then, another band took to the stage.
Can’t remember their name, Cherry Garcia, or Cherry Ade, or Cherry O.
Some such bull shit.
Anyways, the point is chaps, you weren’t Blink 182 yesterday, you aren’t Blink 182 today, and you won’t be Blink 182 tomorrow.
Deal with it.
What you were, however, was a band who needs to learn how to end songs.
And write them.
And play them.
See? Im off again, and the thing is, even though im only reflecting what everyone was thinking, its me that gets the shit for it.
Fuck it.
If they were just pap, thatd be one thing, but the thing thats really got us gunning for em, was that they ran over their set by a good 10-15 mins. Because of numerous solos by their drummer, who really did think he was Travis Barker.
All this meant we got about 20 mins to play.
Not good....nowhere near good.
There’s a lot to be said for going on first.
I hope we get to play Flicks again, without Cherry Lee Lewis, and with a decent amount of time.
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