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The Gander on the Green, Bournemouth - Fri 26-Mar-2004
What with all the crap about getting this new album finished and available to you lovely, lovely people, i’d forgotten to mention a few things.

Namely, the Bournemouth gig was a good laugh. It was our second gig at the Gander, last time we supported the mighty Pronghorn.
It wasn’t too busy when we kicked off but was okay by the end.
We have gigs there all year, word will spread i’m sure.
Apologies to anyone there who had to witness our apalling rendition of ’ Sweet Child O’ Mine ’ by Guns ’N’ Roses.
It was a birthday request, who are we to say no?
Have a feeling it won’t be repeated though.

A big fuck you to the TWO police cars that pulled us over on the way home, gave Badger the breathaliser and generally queried our every move that night.
The ever sensible Badger (!) had only drunk a few shandies luckily, and the porker had no choice but to let us carry on our merry way.
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