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Football Club, Gillingham - Sat 17-Apr-2004
Strange place, Gillingham.
The gig on Saturday was a boithday bash at Gilly Footer Club.
Our good friends FDS played too.
The gig was a weird one, we started off with sound problems.
First the git and bass were too loud, then it sounded, to me at least, that neither were loud enough.
It’s just so hard to tell sometimes.
So after a dodgy start it was a bit hard to pull it all back, especially since the first outing for our new cover version couldn’t have gone any worse if we’d have swapped instruments.

Memo to self: Learn a song before you play it.

Guy summed it up on the way home by saying it was one of those gigs were we didn’t do anything wrong, but we couldn’t do anything
Anyways, its in the past now, and rather than dwell on the bad stuff, it’s important to look forward to the good.

This Tuesday should be cool, playing with the Setbacks in the Bierkeller in Bristol, and also a band called The Dirty Whites which im looking forward to hearing.
Then on Saturday it’s Newquay, which i didn’t think we’d ever play again, so it’s cool to know we are going back.

Yer support at either would be much appreciated, we should have some new CDs to sell at both gigs, unless Badger has given away any more, he’s just too generous that one.

I hope whoever the old dude was that did a fine job polishing the Footy Club floor with his own body, isn’t too sore this morning.
He probably should be in jail, or at least a padded cell.
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