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The Bierkeller, Bristol - Tue 20-Apr-2004
Okay, so i write this half really pissed off, and half sad
for the way bands get fucked these days.

I’ve just returned from our gig at Bristol Bierkeller with
The Setbacks and The Dirty Whites.
The Setbacks did a great set, they get better every time i
see them, which isn’t often enough really.
The Dirty Whites were a bit too rock star, a bit
guilty of believing their own bullshit.
I’ve been there fellas, it don’t work, believe me.
So we went on in the middle, sometimes the best slot, and
played to an audience of 10........if yer lucky.
10 people in the Bierkeller isn’t a lot by any stretch of the imagination.
Basically, the night was a failure, in every sense of the word.
But we played, we had fun, and every gig is an experience.

Whilst The Dirty Whites were playing, a member of the Bierkeller staff presented us with a ’ settlement ’.
I’m gonna put it up in the Gallery for all to see.
It states that 5 people said they came in to see Far-Cue, and those people were charged 4 pounds each.
This brings our door money to 20 bucks, they took VAT off that, and 3% for PRS ( how did they work THAT out?!? ), leaving £16.42.
Apparently, the ’ band’s share ’ is 65%, which is £10.67, add to this the 20 pound deposit we had to pay when we got there, and you get £30.67.
Wow, 30 quid for a gig! We’ve been paid less. BUT WAIT!!!!!!
The Bierkeller charged us 35 quid ’ VENUE COSTS ’.

Firstly, and most importantly, we were ASKED TO PLAY.
We didnt beg for that fuckin gig, we got quite enough thank you.
We thought it’d be a good laugh, and cool to play on a Tuesday.
All these sums meant we still owed the Bierkeller £4.33.
So we go out, entertain the few that were there, after travelling over 20 miles, and then have to pay the fuckin venue 25 quid for the priviledge?!?!?!?!

A venue such as the Bierkeller should fucking know better.
I can’t believe with all their experience, and knowing that most bands ( including us ) operate at a loss anyways, they would even think of presenting anyone with this bullshit.

I first went to the Bierkeller to see Conflict and Blaggers ITA.
It was great, and ive seen 100 bands there since, but this shit just isnt on.
The Setbacks were charged 35 quid for fucks sake, the place cleaned up, by shafting the bands playing there.

I urge any band offered a gig there, make sure you know what’s going on. We weren’t told of any of this, and will be making some phone calls tomorrow.
Pay to play? At the Bierkeller, you have no choice.
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