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The Kings Arms, Bath - Sun 7-Mar-2004
Little did we know it, but we were Guinea Pigs at Sunday’s gig.
The Kings Arms in Bath hadn’t done live music on a Sunday for quite a while apparently, but they decided to kick things off with us.
If we knew this, we probably wouldn’t have been so surprised to walk in and see a lack of bodies.
Plus, coz it was Sunday hours, we had to kick off at 8:30.
Very early to start....even worse was the fact that coz we haven’t got Guy to learn all the set, the emphasis instead being on new material, having to play for two hours straight was gonna be tricky.

Gripes....always gripes innit?

As it happens, after a weird start, things really took off at the Kings.
Thanks to a gang of geezers coming down from the Hatchet, the place was soon kicking off large.
I express concern for one Simon, who cracked his head on the stage a number of times, and one time on the fruit machine, with such force i thought his head had split clean in two.
Thankfully he just got up and carried on.
Those that saw one of Far-Cue’s early gigs supporting Marshall Peanut and P.A.I.N., will remember one dude who got knocked over jumping around to us, and did split his head open.
We had to stop the set while the Ambulance turned up, by the time they got him out of there we’d lost our chance to play.

So yes, The Kings want us back, but we’re not sure when it’s gonna be.
Watch this space i guess.

A million thanks to Charlie and Chez for putting the good word in and sorting us out a gig there, and for getting people to come down.
Truly above and beyond the call of duty chaps.
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