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The Wunderbar, Midsomer Norton - Sat 3-Apr-2004
To the Wunderbar......
At the Flicks gig we invited Sharia Law to play with us, they happily accepted.
We don’t usually get a good crowd down there, and we had only recently played the Stones Cross, so i was a bit unsure about how many people would turn up.
Thankfully, a lot did. A very lot.
Lotsa nutters doin nutty things, i even saw some dude crowd surfing, and in a place with ceilings as low as the Wunderbar, thats some doing.
We sold outta albums too, hope whoever bought em, enjoy em very much.
Norton is fast becoming the place we’re most popular, which is weird and scary, but cheers to you alls anyhoo.
Not cheers to whoever broke my glasses, they were my only pair.
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