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The Stones Cross, Midsomer Norton - Fri 19-Mar-2004
It’s hard to grasp the concept of ’ the last time ’ until a few days after the event in my opinion.
I remember the gig in Newquay after we’d had the infamous ruckus, and i was playing the songs quite normally, but inside i was telling myself that this was the last time i’d EVER play them.
It was a weird feeling, but not as weird as it felt later on that week.

Just like the Stones gig.
Everything normal, but inside you knew it wasn’t.

We had the pleasure of having Nishe support us on Friday night.
Story about Nishe : We’ve known Trigger from Nishe for nearly as long as Far-Cue have been going.
Top bloke, gotta lotta time for him.
When he first started Nishe, they were playing covers and asking us how and where to get gigs.
Of course, being the selfish fuckers that we are, we said, ’ Go and find your own gigs coz we fuckin had to. ’
A few years passed i think, it’s all a haze, next thing you know, Nishe are touring and playing a lot and winning Battle of the Bands left, right, and indeed, centre.
Of course, curiosity kicked in for me, and i went to see them playing with Phema at the Parsons Nose, and the change from dodgy covers band to full onconfident geezers, banging on the guitars for all their worth was a bit shocking.
To say the least.
So go see them, check them out, buy em a drink and buy a disc from em, coz they put a lot more into the band than we do.
Example : Last Reading myself and Badger were walking around slagging off the crappy bands and getting drunk, Trigger on the other hand was going round the stages handing Nishe discs to anyone who mattered.
See the difference?

On to our good selves, this isn’t the Nishe appreciation site, i was paranoid no one would turn up to this gig coz i hadn’t advertised it.
Thankfully people did, and thankfully they were all mental.
Playing the Stones makes you feel you can’t put a foot wrong sometimes, you get the feeling you could blow your nose down the mic and they’d clap it.
Fortunate for us then huh?
We threw in a few new ones, sounded like they were liked.
And good news for Badger, he was able to get pissed coz we blagged a lift home with a mate.
Sorry about the Xmas song at the end, Norton, t’was funny though.
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