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The Townhouse, Torquay - Fri 6-Feb-2004
The Torquay-Newquay jaunt could not have been any more different to the last one if it tried.
The last time we came home under a black cloud, nearly 3 hours travelling home, and barely a single solitary word uttered.
Horrible experience, just awful, with Spike leaving soon after.
This time, i didn’t really want to get out of the van, i wanted to travel on, visit the next town, get drunk, play some music, then get even more drunk. It just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Torquay first, and who likes going straight from work to a gig?
Not i, but it can’t be helped playing the Townhouse.
It doesn’t help matters when the stereo breaks down in the van.
Both Guy and Badger are Northern Soul fans, so we had the sound of Wigan Casino blaring out when we took a pit stop for some bacon sarnies at a roadside caff that kept Amyl Nitrate in the fridge, don’t ask why, so for the remainder of the journey, we had to speak to each other.
Engage in conversation for fuck snakes!! Things were desperate.
Thankfully we got there pretty quick, and could unload the gear and crack on.
FCG were the first band on, i’ve spoke of them before on this site, and there should be a link to their site somewhere too.
They played well, was cool to see them again. They’re like us, they have fun when they play, and it shows.
Then, the next band were on, Reeko, now, my Mother always said, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
She was wrong about that.
Can someone just explain to me, why, in this day and age, when we can put a man on the MOON for Christ’s sake, we can’t get a band to tune up BEFORE they go on stage.
Reeko spent the best part of 20 minutes, fuckin about with God knows what.
If you’re ready to play, get the fuck on with it. If you dont have any decent songs, you can spend two days tuning up, you’re still shit.
If the music was worth waiting for, thats one thing, but, and i’ll leave Guy with the quote here, Reeko sounded like ’ they’d watched too much
Amen to that Yugster.
SO after the gig, it was to the club for beers and Rammstein, then back to the pub for sleep. There woulda been a lock in, except the situation
at the pub was dodgy......let’s not even go there.
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