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The Reckless Engineer, Bristol - Sat 13-Mar-2004
First gig at the Reckless Engineer in Bristol, and first gig for Blazing Guitar promotions.
It was also our first gig with Hacksaw for a while, and mighty damn good it was to see them again too.
The Reckless was a cool place, and we need to find cool places to play, since every other venue we seem to have regular slots at, is either changing landlords or shutting down altogether.
Tis a worrying time for a struggling punk band.
In fact, we observed the other day, how all of this shutting down, swapping owners who don’t wanna know live music malarkey, has only occured since Guy joined the band.
The Hope in Bridport has changed landlords but luckily the guy still digs it, The Townhouse in Torquay is now no more for us, The Stones is getting
new owners and won’t be doing live music as far as we know, the list goes on.
Guy may well be cursed, which is bad, but his bass playing is great, which is good.
You can really tell the difference between people who come to see you in a place like Bristol, and people who come to see you in other places im not gonna mention.
The crowd at the Reckless were great. If they liked something, they made no secret of the fact.
I suspect a lot of them had come to see the mighty Hacksaw, but thankfully they stuck around for us too.
Also present for a coupla members of Sharia Law and Nobodys Heroes, who we might be gigging with later in the year, watch this space....
So ta very much to Jeff, who i’m sure anyone who goes on the Forum will know, and ta very much to Hacksaw and everyone and anyone who came down.
I hope we can play there again, unless the curse strikes again......
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