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The Bierkeller, Bristol - Fri 20-Feb-2004
The Bierkeller coulda done with a hundred more people
in there really, but the lack of bodies did nothing to dampen anyone’s spirits.
The gig clashed with The Dangerfields at The Junction apparently.
Of course we had the worse job going on first....in fact it
could have been even worse, if we had to follow Hacksaw, thankfully we were spared that task.
We threw in a coupla new tracks for the set, and people seemed to get on with them, which is always good.
Hacksaw played a blinder, and one of their new songs, think it’s called You Can Park Your Bike In That, is a fuckin classic.
The Dead Pets were a 7 piece from Yorkshire....ecky thump...and are up for doing gigs just about anyplace. They told us of their 44 dates in 53 days jaunt over Xmas, now thats some good going.
Anyroad, with a 7 piece, i guess you gotta do that many to see any cash.

There’s some rather good pics of the gig at www.rockbeast.com/gallery.php.
In fact Rockbeast is a rather good site, well worth checkin out.
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