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The Vic Bars, Newquay - Sat 7-Feb-2004
In the morning, we went for some breakfast at the Zanzi Bar, usually a cool place for a full cardiac, except this time the woman standing in for the chef served us up some vegematerian sausages.....how do you veggies eat
that shit?
After that ugly episode, we returned to the van to rouse Badger, who’d opted to sleep there......Gawd knows why, to find that some joker had added
some graffitti to the van.
Apparently, we’re all gay......so now you know.
I have my R ideas E as E to who K it was, O and they shall remain nameless, unless of course you can read subliminal messages.
So we packed up and fucked off, to sunny Newquay.
Arriving pretty late, we couldn’t find a B & B that would take ’ Groups of lads ’, but we were lucky enough to have our good friend Paul there to take the initiative.
After a while walking around having no luck at all, Paul walks into a hotel that was closed, and had a large, glaring, NO VACANCIES sign for all to see. Thanks to his unique combination of Charm, Cheek, and Confidence, we all had a room a piece for a bargain price, the only guests at a closed hotel.
Reminded me of The Shining......redrum.
Nice one dude.
We all thought this would be our last gig at the Vic Bars, i’m pleased to tell you its not, we have another in April.
This one was great fun, we had some friends down from Birmingham too, cheers to Mel, Tim and Jimmy for showing up.
Had a bit of a problem with the time on this gig....see, my watch was slow, so after 10 or 12 songs, i thought we were half way through, but according to my watch, only 15 mins had elapsed, so we all panicked......and tried to drag it
Only later on i realised my error, and we ended up finishing with more songs left to play.
After the gig, it was off to Sailors for more drinks.
Sailors is crammed with beautiful women, none of whom fancy us at all.
Bit pointless going there really, but we didn’t think it’d matter, for you see, the woman behind the desk at the hotel, had told us of a party.
A big party at the hotel, with dj’s and beautiful people and it was gonna be a blast, so who needs Sailors and all it’s women with no taste?
Needless to say the party of the century was finished by the time we got back at half two. It probably finished a good few hours before that from what we can
make out.
Didn’t matter anyways, we were all drunk enough.
On the way home we had to make a stop at the Hope and Anchor in Bridport to say Good bye to Val and Vern. Two good people who have treated us so well
every time we played down there.
Things won’t be anywhere near the same without them, and on behalf of Far-Cue i’d like to wish them the best of luck with whatever they do next.
So it was homeward bound, and back to reality.
We did some brain cells over the weekend, and a shit load of cash too.
It was worth it.
Funniest part for me was Badger getting hit with the van door, you can’t beat a bit of slapstick, and i knew we’d all lost it when Badger told the girl behind the desk at the hotel that we were ’ The four horsemen of the Rock
Apocalypse ’ .
Maybe he forget there was 3 of us, maybe we’ve just gone too far to ever come back with our marbles......it’s probably the latter.
Cheerz to Nik and So You Wanna Play Promotions, and cheerz to Big Dave and Jules from the Vic Bars.
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