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The Geroge, Poole - Fri 23-Jan-2004
So it was the second attempt to play Poole.
The first one, at the Tatnum, resulted in an audience of two.
In a pub built for two hundred.
While none of us felt up to the gig, we all thought it can’t be as bad as last time.
Actually, the George was an okay place.
we’ve played worse anyways.
While there wasn’t a huge mass of people, it was a marked
improvement on the Tatnum, and we must take time out to say a big cheers to Willy and his buddies from Weymouth for making the trek, was good to see yous lot there.
The best thing about the gig, for me anyways, was playing some new songs.
One song, Buy Me ( And Stop One ), had never been played live before, and, more importantly, had only been played properly a few times, even in rehearsals.
So to play it in a new place straight off like that was a pretty damn cool thing to do.
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